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Plagiarism Tool Advantages and Disadvantages November 2, 2020

In academic life students has an awful practice of copying other’s work. This is known as plagiarism. However, they do not have any idea that the act they are doing is a criminal act and according to the law, there is strict punishment for these criminals. So a student should make sure that a professor should not find any kind of plagiarism in his work. Sometimes plagiarism is the result of a lack of knowledge. Students do not know how to make an ideal report, where to place footnotes and endnotes, where to mark references. For the knowledge of all these, they can take help from the readymade material available on the internet but they should not copy-paste it as it is.

Who uses the plagiarism tool?

For those who want to make a report with no plagiarism in it, they should use the plagiarism tool to detect the areas having plagiarism. Plagiarism detector is a windows appliance to which you can have access to the internet. With the invention of the internet and its easy access, it has now become so easy for students to steal other’s writing. But with the help of an online plagiarism tool, one can easily detect extreme resemblances. The program functions in a way that produces a report in which it makes the places of plagiarism apparent to you and provides you a connection with the website source so that it would be easy for you to check. You also check your own work because it may happen that you have unintentionally copied the stuff from any internet website without revealing its source in your work.

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The advantage of a plagiarism detector is that it is free of cost and you can easily use it online from the internet. Even if it is a free service, still it is the most trustworthy service that you can use to check plagiarism. Through this application, you can also check stuff relevant to other software. It not only checks plagiarism but also provides you editing services for any mistake or blunder so that you will have perfect writing. It also checks grammatical errors, detects spelling mistakes. It tells you the right way for placing the references. The most common and reliable example of plagiarism detection is Viper. This is the highly used software to detect the places of plagiarism in any work.

Disadvantages :

With some advantages there are also some disadvantages such as the plagiarism tool can accurately detect plagiarism when the text is comprised of seven or more than seven words but it cannot work as well with the text of smaller words. And because of this, we cannot say that it is an infallible application. However, it plays a good role when working with barefaced cases of plagiarism. Although, it cannot completely find the mistakes it can help up to some extent.
With the help of a plagiarism finder, the authors and writers may check that their efforts are still original or someone has stolen it and made a duplicate of it.