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Plagiarism consequences August 17, 2012

Plagiarism is copying of someone’s work and presenting it as your own work. It is wrong but most of the people do not know and even they do not want to understand its consequences. And now it is becoming a serious issue because most of the students do not want to waste time in making projects. They just want to copy paste it. One can successfully avoid plagiarism if he knows its different forms. Some people do not understand that it copying another’s work can be a serious misdeed.

Knowing the plagiarism consequences one can know that it is wrong. The consequences are based on the type and the quantity of errors a person does. There are lots of punishment for it such as losing an honor, fails to get grades in assignment, no promotion and can even be expelled from the institute in serious cases.

The ultimate effects would be a waste of time and money, most precious things about a person’s life. Other than these wastages, it is also very shameful for the students to be terminated from any institution because it minimizes chances for admissions in renowned educational institutes and frustration a student can even cause harm to himself.

Becoming habitual of copying other’s ideas declines a person’s ability to think creatively and search for information and this also creates a problem for him when he enters in professional life. These are the plagiarism consequences in educational side.

If we talk about plagiarism in the area of journalism, it is even worst. It not only creates problems for the copier but also for his organization. Plagiarism consequences would be serious damage to their status, integrity and trustworthiness and confidence. It can also be a breach of the ethical values of journalism and a lead to his termination letter. It can cause heavy losses to the writers when his work is being plagiarized on a daily basis. According to law the copier has to pay costs for his losses. Punishment can also include sentenced.

Plagiarism consequences can be very serious and lead to little punishment. Students do not even realize plagiarism consequences because most of the times they have to submit their assignments in short period so they go for copy pasting the materials. For some topics about which they do not have knowledge, they do not even waste a single minute in understanding the topic they totally copy paste it.

Summing up the whole matter, with the passage of time it is very crucial to avoid plagiarism. There should be some classes organized for the students to explain plagiarism consequences so that they can understand its seriousness and prevent himself from this crime.

There should be some awareness programs conducted by the IT professional who should tell them how to prevent plagiary of other’s work and detecting plagiarism of their own work. Students can also take the help of any plagiarism checker to make their content unique to avoid such situations.