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Plagiarism In the Writing Field December 15, 2020

Plagiarism is a serious crime that is related to the writing field. It is especially of significant interest for the professional writers, journalists, students, and teachers. It is very important that you do not plagiarize or else you would be punished legally. Doing plagiarism implies that you have violated the copyrights of some original author. So there must be some cure for ending plagiarism or you would be forced to sacrifice your reputation. In a word, everyone needs an online plagiarism checker so that he could save himself from future troubles arising from plagiarism.

Influence of Internet on Plagiarism

With the increase in the use of the internet in the modern world, everyone has started depending upon it for his needs. It is no less than a blessing for us that we can get access to anything we want by just browsing through the internet. We can find any type of information about our interest through the internet, but can also buy things by paying online. In short, everything is done easily by taking the help of the internet. So it is not a surprise that there is an online plagiarism checker is available for you as well. You can simply use plagiarism checker online for free or can purchase its credits to get a detailed search option about your text. You have numerous options present for you which enable you to prevent yourself from the menace of plagiarism.

Unintentional Plagiarism

It is important to mention that sometimes people do not plagiarize stuff out of their own will. Rather, it is done unconsciously and you do not realize is that you have done a crime. It is because at times people are not aware of what plagiarism means in reality! Because of the lack of information on this issue, people become victim to it.

This thing is so unfortunate for the writer because he not only gets kicked out from his job but also suffers from a bad repute! In rare cases, his whole career is spoiled due to the single mistake he unwillingly made!

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Reasons for getting a Victim of Plagiarism

There might be many reasons for getting a victim of plagiarism.

  1. One reason can be that perhaps, the writer did not copy the work of the original author but did not cite it properly.
  2. Plagiarism can also be suspected in somebody’s work if the writer does not acknowledge the actual source of the citation. By not mentioning the real author’s name and few details or including the name of a wrong person as the author seriously harms the authenticity of the text.
  3. You might be aware that there is a concept known as self-plagiarism as well. It happens when the writer uses his own work, or in other words, steals a part from his previous work, to use it in some new work. It is strange but true that reusing your own previously published material makes you an academic thief!

In a word, you must understand that using the work of someone or your own, which is already been published, will be considered under the realm of plagiarism.