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Plagiarism Check August 17, 2012

A plagiarism check will determine if content from your paper appears in other online sites or not. It is actually a cyber sin committed by stealing one’s thoughts and ideas. Plagiarism check enables a person to find out any sort of duplicate material that might be present online. One should always confirm that the content that is being published or submitted is original in make.Getting inspired by one’s idea and elaborating on it is not a crime, but actually mentioning the source is necessary. It is not right to borrow someone’s work without permission, and portraying to the reader as if it is your own creation. Accidental plagiarism occurs when one does not intend to plagiarize, but fails to follow the rules of quoting or summarizing sources.

Plagiarism check reminds you to abide by the rules of genuine content production either it is done it intentionally or unintentionally. It is necessary to cite every word, opinion, facts, figures etc or anything which is not a result of your actual research. In the beginning of first sentence it should also be mentioned, what comes next is someone else work. Since a paraphrase is to contain all authors’ information, so a paraphrase without citation is an example of plagiarism.
There are free online websites available to run a plagiarism check. Most of these websites are absolutely free without any hidden charges, and it gives an individual a chance to scan their data before submitting it. It is a type of social service that is being provided just to control the widely spread disease of plagiarism. As plagiarism can be intentional, to avoid the misunderstanding it is prescribed that one should pass it through a plagiarism check.
Plagiarism has become a serious crime and many countries are taking serious initiative against it, which includes fine, imprisonment etc, depending on the nature of crime. It’s better to be safe than sorry by, scanning your material through plagiarism check websites. There are many options available in these websites that helps you get satisfactory results.
The concept of stealing is increasing day by day and few students take advantage of internet to submit their assignments’ by copying material from the internet. Plagiarism checker helps professors to find errors and stolen material with the help of these software’s. It is a fast and reliable source that is 100% effective. The most special thing about plagiarism checking software’s is that not only they are easily available, but you can find it in different languages too.
Plagiarism is becoming a serious cyber crime these days and individuals are facing problems because of it. These websites primary motive is to detect plagiarism and keep the writers satisfied that their original material is not being copied. With the help of search engines the work that is being done by plagiarism checking websites is worth praising. We can simply lend them a helping hand by playing our role which is, before finalizing the work for submission choose one website and scan the work for plagiarism.