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Cyber Bullying and Its Types March 6, 2020

Cyberbullying is an unethical and illegal crime that occurs when someone harasses, bullies, or threaten a person by using technology. The people who commit this unethical and unlawful crime often use instant messages, social media, emails, or blogs to target or harass a particular person or a group of people.  

Mostly, teens become the victims of this immoral activity, but this outbreak has spread to the adults now. There are many reasons for committing this awful crime, such as jealousy, revenge, etc. Some people perform this unethical activity just for the sake of fun without knowing the consequences that they might have to face due to this crime. 

Cyberbullying is a broad topic and has many types. It is quite tough to cover all of them in this article, but let’s discuss some of the main types of cyberbullying.

Types of Cyber Bullying                                                                  

The internet is one of the biggest platforms for getting information and communication, but many people use this source to harass or bully others online. Cyberbullies commit this shameful act without any hesitation. There are many ways to harass a person online. Some of them are as follows:

  • Impersonation

This is considered as the most common type of this disgusting crime. People create fake profiles or ids on social media to impersonate a specific victim. Moreover, some people also try to gain unauthorized access to the victim’s social media accounts. The main goal of this practice is to send or share false or absurd information from the victim’s account that can destroy his/her dignity. 

Some teenagers consider it a harmless activity and perform this immoral activity to make fun of their friends without knowing its consequences. It is the responsibility of the teachers and parents to educate their students/children about this severe issue and its results. 

  • Flaming

This type of bullying occurs when a person shares or directly sends harsh messages, insults, or blasphemy to their target. The flaming occurs mostly in some online fight when someone starts using foul language or abuse others in anger.

  • Denigration

If a person is sharing or posting gossips or false information about a person to destroy his/her reputation, then he is committing Denigration. Moreover, cyberbullies commit this crime to spread some misleading information about a company or brand for suppressing its business or fame in the market.

  • Outing

This type includes the sharing of personal information, pictures, or emails of someone to humiliate him/her in front of family, friends, and classmates. Cyberbullies share or forward the personal data of their target to others for the sake of revenge or other personal issues. 

Effects of Cyberbullying

Bullying someone online is a serious issue, and it can create severe damage to other’s life. The people, especially teens who are the victims of this filthy crime, may feel depression and anxiety. According to the research, the people who suffer from bullying have more suicidal thoughts than others. 

Even the cyberbullies may also have to face severe consequences of this shameful act. The research also identifies that the people who cyberbully others are at a pointedly higher risk of experiencing the same feelings than those who don’t. 

Moreover, schools and colleges have started taking serious steps against cyberbullies, such as suspension from the school or decrement in the grades. In the bigger picture, various laws have introduced to prevent cyberbullying. This unethical act can lead to some severe consequences now, such as imprisonment. 

Prevention from Cyberbullying

The results of bullying can be seriously damaging for the abuser as well as the victim; it’s imperative for parents to guide their children to prevent cyberbullying. Parents should monitor their children’s online activity; they should take an eye on the social circle of their children. Parents should make a friendly and close relationship with their children, so they feel no hesitation when sharing any problems, they might be facing.

The teachers can also play a vital role in the prevention of this unethical crime. They should teach their students the effective use of technology. They should guide their students that there is no need to feel shame to report any online abuse that happens to them. An anti-cyberbullying policy should be applied in the classroom by the teachers, and there should be zero tolerance about it. 

Summing it Up!

Cyberbullying is a severe issue that can destroy the career and life of a person. A crucial responsibility comes on teachers and parents to guide their children/students about the severity of this issue and the consequences that can be occurred due to cyberbullying. The internet is a blessing, and no one should be allowed to make it a hell for anyone for any reason.