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Optimize Important Pages On Your Website October 8, 2019

Some of the pages of your website are more important as compared to others. Most of you might be familiar with this undeniable fact, but you might not be able to execute the optimization process that can enhance your conversion rate. In this article, you will get to know regarding the easiest ways through which you can perceive outstanding outcomes.   

Without any further delay, let’s dive into the topic. Undoubtedly every website is different from another, and it needs a different strategy to drive more traffic.

We will go through the ways that can help to optimize these pages. On-page optimization is a time-consuming task, and as much time you spend to optimize, the more results you will get. It is essential to optimize webpages, as it will likely increase your search engine position, and your page will be ranked in search engine results.

While moving in the right direction to optimize your page and enhance your conversion rate by getting ranked in search engine results is a bit tricky. Keep in mind that you can’t manipulate Google or any other search engine by using black-hat SEO tricks. Search engines are smart enough and will block you from the results immediately. So, to drive organic traffic to your website, especially to landing pages, it is essential to design your website in accordance to search engine algorithms.

There are a lot of things that need to be optimized like page descriptions, page titles, external and internal links, and images by using alt tags and most importantly, keyword density.

Page Titles

Before anything else, the search engine bots crawl towards the page title, and that is why it is essential to optimize. Keywords must be included in the title and a strong call-to-action for the visitors. It becomes challenging that including keyword and call-to-action in the title for many people out there. But there are no hard and fast rules so you will have to be creative enough to get something out of it. Below are a few points, which needs to consider for title optimization.

  • Titles must not be more than 64 Characters, as it will not be adequately displayed in search engine results.
  • Titles must be unique and adopt a uniform design throughout your website.
  • It must include keywords and call-to-action as well.


It’s the most important tag, as it helps the search engine to figure out what your website is actually about. It helps web directories to list your website along with details. The description also appears in the snippet that helps users to get to know about your webpage.

<meta name=”description” content=”YOUR” description here>


You must conduct a proper search for keywords and make sure to add LSI keywords; it will make your article more reachable to your targeted audience. Keywords are the backbone of content. From an SEO standpoint, it plays a crucial role in ranking your webpage. But make sure to avoid keywords stuffing as the crawlers will be alerted that it’s a spam site.

Body Text

It is the main course on your website. Your webpage must not be less than 600 words. The more you have posted on a single topic, the more it will get noticed by search engines and humans as well. It will also decrease the bounce-back rate as well. Make sure that you have correctly adjusted your keyword in the content with a proper ratio. The keyword must appear in the first paragraph. You can use a paraphrasing tool to generate unique plagiarism free content for your webpage.

Image Alt Tags

Either you are running a blog website or any other, images must be included to make your website more attractive. Every image on your website must have a tag; there is no need to stuff the tag with keywords but instead describe it creatively and adjust keywords accordingly.

<img src=”URL” alt=”Content” width=”34″ height=”34″>

The elements mentioned above play a vital role in the optimization process of your website, so make sure to concentrate on all the aspects rather than moving outright 180-degree direction. Either you are running a business website or a blog, you should know about every aspect of optimization and the ways to make your website search engine friendly.

You should update your website pages on regular basis by using the above all factors because there are many Advantages of updating the website Frequently.