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Online Writing Jobs August 17, 2012

Because of the global economic down turn, the job market has shifted back to the employer’s side. And no wonder they are taking a full advantage of it. Not to speak of the enormous layoffs and unspecified pay cuts, the organizations are hell bent on demeaning talent and preserving the so-called growth of the companies. Except for a few top managers, a majority of the line managers and the field managers are feeling job insecurity ever since the economic slump started. People, particularly belonging to a much younger age group are using their enthusiasm and innovation in finding work for themselves. Some are working as part time journalists, while others are working as free lancers for various web based organizations. At least, with this economic slowdown, we have seen a considerable increase in the internet based jobs. The jobs like SEOs, PHP developer, Flash Developer and Content writer are usually the most common internet based jobs now days.

However these jobs also tend to be limited in terms of overall growth and job security. After finishing an online project a person has to wait for indefinite period until the next offer comes his way. However this is not at all true for all the types of internet based jobs. But online writing jobs are such kind of jobs which can ensure you a steady growth and an increasing reward for the times to come. However you have to be a lot more cautious in the online writing jobs because unfortunately, the growth of online writing opportunities has led to a number of thugs as they have started hoping to take advantage of people who want to work from the comfort of their homes. Remember that you should never have to pay to find a job, get as many project details in writing as possible, and be cautious of anyone offering something that seems too good to be true. Don’t let people talk you into writing for free. Unless you’re doing work for a charity that you’re truly passionate about, you don’t need to be writing for free. Even a beginner deserves to be compensated for his or her time and effort. Don’t advertise your beginner status. Obviously, you shouldn’t lie about your level of experience. However, there is no need to advertise that you’ve only been writing for a few months or that this is your first major assignment. Let your skills and enthusiasm do the talking for you. Be eager to please. Do your best to keep your clients happy, even if it means making the occasional revision that you don’t agree with. Satisfied clients provide good recommendations and referrals, which you’ll need if you want steady work. Be careful about what personal information you allow online. Once you start writing, you can expect clients to Google your name on a regular basis. You don’t want them to be able to find pictures of you at a keg party, a forum post you wrote badmouthing your boss, or an haphazard rumblings about your former colleagues.