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Online Plagiarism Checker September 17, 2018

Are you afraid that your work will be plagiarized by some copycat? You don’t have to. Online plagiarism checker software has almost finished this fearfulness. Now you can post anything online which is published under your name. In the recent past, this was not the case, copycats all over the world used to steal the original contents and reshuffle the content by copying and pasting to come up with a new version. That, in fact, was so common that students at schools, colleges and universities began to copy articles and research material from the internet for their assignments, dissertations, and even the thesis. Exact cuttings from the original content were used. In those days there was no proper software or program was commonly available to check the authenticity and originality of the documents.

Keeping in view too much involvement

of people in plagiarism and finding out shortcuts to complete their required tasks, many companies launched online plagiarism checker websites which offer great sources to track the originality of the content. You just have to copy the content that you need to check and paste it on the assigned box on the website.

It’s just a click away,

and you can get the complete details of the content, including links, URLs and even the highlighted lines from where the content has been picked up. Such online plagiarism checker websites have attracted millions of visitors as they are providing great services to their customers.

Many websites which have really strong detection software even charge high as they provide exclusive services to their client to find out the minutest plagiarized content. Some websites which charge a few bucks on the monthly or yearly basis, also offer basic versions of plagiarism checkers.

Through such basic versions,

you can come up to know the URLs of the websites from where the content is being copied. Furthermore, these basic versions offer a top ten list of the URLs from where the content has been potentially copied.

A number of plagiarism detection websites

offer free services to their customers. They are also equally good to know about whether the content is original or not. For instance, one good example is which is serving its customers in the best possible manner, free of cost. It can search the content on Google, Msn and Yahoo and come up with concrete results.

Not all software can detect the in-depth research material. Some plagiarism checking software is specifically designed to track the tainted material in essays, research reports, dissertations, and thesis.

Such plagiarism detection

software is usually used by college and university professors and research associates to check the credibility of the submitted work.

Some fraudulent plagiarism detection sites also operate and when you post the content on their website for checking, they just steal it and use that content for their associated websites. Be aware of such websites. Do your homework before using any of the online plagiarism detection software. Always go for a reputable plagiarism checking software.