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My Writing Lab August 17, 2012

Writing is a crucial part of student’s life. Good writing skill is a must to achieve good grades in studies. But most of the students lack in their studies because of week writing skills. In the age of computer and internet, students get less writing practice .because it becomes very convenient to make assignments online and then get a print out of it. Writing is also vital for success in most careers and disciplines today, so students must begin to acquire good writing skills early to prepare for adult life. If students don’t make their writing skills polished by the right time, they obviously face the consequences in their professional lives.

For the better writing skills parents need to have serious thought about it. They should guide their children personally or they can get these services from some tutor. Actually most of the parents are always in search of the good writing tutors. But to find a good trained writing tutor is also a hard job. For this purpose a project called, writing center has established world wide. They are doing this job nicely and many people are getting benefits from these writing centers. But the problem arises when we see that these writing centers cannot cover all the desired population. Writing centers in colleges and universities are mostly serving their own students. But if someone is going to a college or university, which is not running this center, how can he get to this center. Accordingly, these centers are not present in every city and town. Specially in developing part of world, there is still no concept of such writing centers. Then how can all those people, who have no access to these centers, get guidance and tuition about writing.
Good news for these people, who can’t access to writing centers, is “my writing lab”. My writing lab is an online project, which can be accessed by anyone around the world. My writing lab is a complete online learning program for students. It covers all aspects of academic writing, from grammar and punctuation to critical thinking and research. It also provides guidance on all issues and topics, which can help the students in any way. My writing lab provides complete guidance and learning to all students. These programs contain hundreds of practice exercises with instant feedback. They provide quality content and assessments. My Writing Lab has been written by experts, and tested rigorously by lecturers and students on real courses.
Like writing centers, many colleges and universities are also offering the “my writing lab”, online learning program. There are many universities in the world which offers their online degree programs. They have a large number of students in different countries and region of world, who study online. The online learning program is also for their online students, who cannot join their writing centers. These online writing programs are beneficing a huge number of people online.