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Microsoft Search Engine March 21, 2019

Don’t you just love it when you can get everything all from one place well if you do then you might want to check in the Microsoft search engine this service is considered one of the best in the world? The common word being used for this search engine is “Bing”. This was launched by Microsoft on 28th May 2009 though it became fully functional on 1st of June.

The best part about this search engine

is that it is stuffed with features so that keeps the users quite a busy one of them is their ever-changing background screens that change every day with a variety of different places, people, animals, sports, etc. The video homepage keeps the users up-to-date with the news also there is the image section that shows you the top picture of that day, just to add a little color to the background. Well, these were some off the things concerning the interface but there is another side to this search engine as well.

Guys might enjoy the sports section

which keeps people up to date with the sports and that too is on a regular basis. Different areas of the stock exchange can also be accessed directly from their home page this engine also serves as a calculator user can solve all sort of trigonometric equations on the search box.

If you have a parcel on the way and all you have is a shipping number just enter that on the search box and you’ll know where it is. You can even find meanings or definitions of words which Bing gets directly from Encarta.
Other similar functions that can be found here on Bing are flight tracking, spell check, health information, different types of translators, etc.

They even have some special packages for the locals one of the most used ones is the current traffic information system with this there is no way of getting stuck in traffic blocks. If you are new in the area and are feeling hungry then just go on to the

Microsoft search engine

and from there you can find out where the nearest restaurant is. You can even find out which movies are being played same goes for the hotel’s everything you want to know about the hotels you can find it right here on Bing.
Bing has recently linked up with certain social networking and Email websites which make it easy to access them and not have to look for them using the long way. They have also provided you with a number of languages which you can select according to your own liking.

So if you are sitting there all bored

and depressed then take my advice and try this search engine out you will definitely enjoy it with so much to do and so many places to explore you will lose yourself in this wide space, so it’s all there just power up your system and get busy. And try telling more people about this amazing Microsoft search engine so that they can also get a taste of this amazing service.