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Bing Search Engine February 18, 2019

We all have the search engines as our home pages and the most commonly used search engine is Google. Google still stands high in the search engines ranking but the popularity of Bing search engine is growing rapidly. It is developed by Microsoft and was launched on May 28, 2009.

Using the Bing search engine

is no doubt a pleasant experience for most of us. The home page shows a beautiful background with vibrant color and it changes daily. The images display different places, animals, people, and sports and the page contains information about the image and its content. Apart from images, sometimes it displays a video background too. The safe search enables the users to control the results and its content. It can be switched to moderate and strict to control the adult stuff. Parents can use this option to control the search content by their children and to avoid the inappropriate stuff. This option is given by Windows Live Family Safety.

Just like the other search engines,

Bing search engine also enables users to choose a language of their own choice and to add the location. Users can customize the search results to be shown on a single page. And the best thing about it is that it enables us to turn off the suggestions. Suggestions work well in most of the cases but sometimes it is irritating and many people wished if there is some way to turn off the suggestions.

Browsers always give the option of deleting history,

but ever wondered if your search engine also gives you this option? Bing search engine always give the option to delete the search history by only pressing the ‘clear all’ button. We can change the settings and it will never remember what you have searched.

Bing search gives instant answers

to most of the searches, including the sports results. If you put the math formula or a trigonometric function in the search bar, it will give the direct answer of the calculation and also gives the results of the advanced computations. Another important feature of Bing is that it gives quick tracking of package shipping. If we enter the name of the company and the tracking number, it gives out the direct tracking information. Like Google, it also gives the dictionary definition of a word when entered with ‘define’, ‘definition’ or ‘what is’. It also spell check the search query and gives the best match result where required. It can be integrated with your Hotmail account and the search results can be shared with your Facebook friends via Facebook Connect feature.

The search engine was criticized

by the giant Google last year. Apparently, it had been imitating Google’s auto-correct results for misspelling. Though the Microsoft responded it and the spokesman made it clear that ‘We do not copy Google’s results’.
Bing is far from Google when it comes to statistics but its cool interface and fresh look gives a beautiful view to its users. Its improved way of searching gives better result to the users and there is a big chance that it will replace the other search engines in the near future.