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Argumentative Writing August 17, 2012

Meaning Of Logic And Use Of Logic

Logic means reasoning, the business students used to study logic as a subject in their courses and this action by the academic institutions have encouraged reasoning in the day to day activities of the students. The best area from where the logic comes is the critical thinking. There is a system of logic which is containing the following characteristics:

Consistency, it means that there is no contradiction between the theorems of the systems. Soundness, this shows that if the axioms of the system are true, then there is no doubt that the theorem are also true.

There are two types of reasoning like the inductive and deductive; the inductive means that the information comes from the premises where as the deductive means deriving information from the observation. This handout assists the writers to utilize the logical arguments in the theoretical articles/documents.

It should be clear to the writers that the logic is very essential for the victorious arguments, it is better for the writers avoid the illogical arguments because it makes the document of no use. A formal system is known as the logic which helps the writers in inventing, demonstrating and as well as proving the arguments.

It is not sure that the arguments without the emotions are always good and accurate arguments they could be wrong too. The students/ writers which are written the argumentative essays should know many terminologies of the logic while writing like the premise, conclusion, argument, syllogism, Induction and deduction. It is easy for the writers to conclude logically with the help of syllogism.

The writers while writing argumentative essays should avoid fallacies, because they are the errors which weaken the logic in the arguments that supports the claim. Fallacies are the weak and illegitimate points that lead to the failure of the claim made by the writers.

It is not difficult for the writer to create a logical sequence in the arguments in argumentative essays, and make this sequence understandable to the audience so for this the author should present the premise very clearly in the written documents. In the written document, there should be separate proof of the single premise.

There are different purposes of writing the article it could express the point to the audience, to share feelings to the audience or to persuade the audience towards the specific point, and for persuading the audience logic is one of the devices that really play a very important role. Sometimes it happens that the writer has given an extraordinary logic, but the audience still not willing to accept the view because here at this point the audience is being controlled by the emotions and value system.

It is very necessary for the writer to analyze the audience first before start writing the article/document because in this way the writer can take care of the interest of the audience and might be audience can accept the view.

Logic doesn’t come without getting information regarding the topic, it comes through general awareness and by reading, that is why it is proven that the good writers are well read people and they have spent most of their times in libraries and with books. It has been concluded that for argumentative essays logic is the key, and the writers should be well informed.

For every type of writing, the writer needs to know all writing process. Without the writing techniques it is not possible for a writer to write well. Writing techniques may include descriptive and persuasive writing. Furthermore, the basic English capitalization rules also play and important role to improve writing.