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Kids News Articles August 17, 2012

In writing any kid articles the news must be interesting, relevant to the real people and real happenings. Such articles are meant to give children wide understanding of what is happening in their round about. Normally those issues are covered which seem interesting to kids only. Such news is not only print news but involve analysis, opinions and interests of readers. These kid news articles provide interactive environment. They must be short, simple and include photos/videos to have focus and interest of kids. The content and context is kept in line with an integrated dictionary for challenging words to make it valid for publishing.

Since there is always something new and curious to learn so kids feel more fun to read such articles which are informative as well as entertaining. Stories are selected on basis of unique and important interests, events and emotions. The main lead must be written simply, because the rest of the story will be its elaboration. Always start with most interesting thing one finds in the story to grab the attention then to set the stage and characters. Combining the thoughts of the interviewed persons, some factual data, and a narrative will play role in the whole story of news.
Including a quote usually works the best but must be built on the information gathered. Always some interviews with experts must be made before writing them. It will enhance the interest in the news. Supporting paragraphs are then added to tell where, who, what, when and why. As kids are the audience so the language must be as simple as they can be. Include funny and surprising statements to hook the children in article. Use active words to keep it more conversational and interactive. This can violate the grammatical rules but powerful article is well read by the audience. Children love to read short and precise relevant articles.
The role of writer of such article is to understand kids opinion and then to persuade their beliefs towards the true side of story. You should stick to the main idea of story. Different details can be added but must be relevant to central idea. Writer is the eyes and ears for the kids. So visual details and facts must be provided to make article more authentic It must not leave the feel of entire story at any point. Try the best to be concise and precise to the extent as possible.
As magazines always focus on colorful items and stories for kids! Many sources are offering timely and relevant kids news articles. The writer takes an important issue and explains it to the children in most effective manner. The story must be balanced. Explain the opinions of both sides of an issue and let the kids make their own decision on who to believe. The writer has to develop his credibility from personal experience. Opinion must be concise and precise. This is a space where one can use his emotive power as possible.