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Journal articles August 17, 2012

Journal articles are all about giving or delivering information to people about the daily routine psyches of different people. Let’s say if we talk about journal articles my mind go towards the shopping psyche of people. In this era of great recession, everybody wants to buy the things, which are cheaper. We all always hunt for the best cheap rates whenever we go for shopping. Today i want to talk about the psychological pricing technique, these prices attract consumers as it seems that the prices are low due to it’s not a round figure technique. These prices are commonly like $99, $299, etc.

These journal articles are here to provide you knowledge that it is just a matter of your psyche that you think the price is low but in reality it is not. Research shows that women are keen to have these kinds of prices and they think the price of the particular good is low and they buy that product. If take an example of a woman who is goes for shopping the same superstore only, that particular store must have the psychological pricing technique. These prices attract people to buy products as it seems to be cheap.
In journal articles we always talk about the current affairs or any new technology or try to give valuable information to the readers. Now if we again talk about the cheap prices so i must say about china replica cell phones which are just like the same of original cell phone in appearance and works well but not having the same features like the original’s are having. All these cell phones are very popular in all over the world because of their extraordinary cheap prices. People who want to have the nokia’s expensive cell phone buy this cheap one and take advantage of showing off that they have the new one expensive cell phone. These phones do not allow all the applications to work just like the original one. The cameras of these replica phones are not that good; they are just 1.3 megapixels which also do not give a quality of the normal 1.3 megapixel camera. Its quality is not good because the lens is used in it is not a better one.
Now if we talk about the software of these mobiles so they are not great like the original ones. The menu and the reception itself tells that this is the copy phone, why is that so? Because china is not able to copy the software of nokia, so it makes its own software for every new Chinese phone. Not all these software are costly.
For china and gives consumer a satisfactory level that the software is not exactly like the original phone but it is somehow is same.
People who read these journal articles get some knowledge of china phones, i suggest if you really want to take the experience of new nokia cell phones so you should buy the original phones, they are expensive, but they will give you the real satisfaction that you have all the things which are suppose to be in this cell phone.