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Journal Writing August 17, 2012

Writing has so many styles which you cannot even count. If you talk about journal writing, then this style of writing is basically habitual. If someone has a habit of journal writing, then he must be sharp minded and of great humorous. Journal writing will show a tremendous impact on your entire life and if you are thinking about writing a daily journal then you have to start writing a little bit daily. When you will enough trained or practiced, then you will see a prominent change in your daily routine habits and you will also find yourself a punctual, sharp minded person.

In journal writing you actually give words to your thoughts which come into your mind and if you write them immediately before they disappear, then you can do something bombastic in your life. You can write your daily experiences, your different thoughts and ideas in your journal in journal writing. This sort of writing is different from others because the words you use for your journals are not spoken but your ideas and thoughts. Like if you are going for your business and so many different sort of ideas come to your mind, then you should write them all and your this act will make you comfortable while your establishment.
You can also share your love feelings in your journals like if you live your son, daughter, father, mother or anyone else and you cannot express it in front of the then you can share your feelings with your journal in the language of journal writing. Try to keep your mind light by writing your thoughts in journal writing because this sort of writing is totally personal and secret between you and just you. Ideas come into your mind like a slippery fish and if you don’t write them, they disappear and never come back into your life.
It will take less than 20 minutes if you write in journal your today’s goals, plans, ideas and achievements and journal writing will make this easier. This sort of writing is somehow expressive, a bit confused for another person and also very interesting. Give your dreams a real picture through journal writing and write just for yourself because you have right on your own self as well. Never try to ignore your incoming thoughts because they are the real picture of your inner self and write them into your journals.
Journal writing has one more aspect and that is this style of writing tells you about yourself. After writing for two weeks, read that all and believe me; you will be amazed after reading your own issues, thoughts, dreams and ideas. You will astonish to see another picture of yourself and may be that is good then your apparent. So journal writing is beneficial but it tells you just about yourself and I thinks knowing our own self is more important than others. Through this journal writing, one can also increase the level of his confidence and personal healt.