Is Plagiarism Plague to an Academic Career?

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Is Plagiarism Plague to an Academic Career? February 23, 2019

There are different kinds of academic frauds which are now increasing day by day. The most prominent and most commonly adopted of these is the act of plagiarism which is done in most of the academic assignments, theses, and even research papers. According to many different studies carried out on this issue, it has been found out that the menace of plagiarism is most commonly found and has been increasing day by day, especially in undergraduate students.

Not only undergraduate students but now many higher level students of universities are also involved in such punishable acts. Answer to the question “is plagiarism plague to an academic career?” is simple; committing plagiarism and using someone else’s content in one’s own name is a serious crime and for this; one’s academic career can certainly go on stakes.

Previously this act was common

The professional lines but now it is also gaining roots in the academic areas. According to the research conducted by Professor Don McCabe at the Center of Academic Integrity, it has been admitted that plagiarism is the crime which is committed by most of the students presently. According to careful estimates, it has been established that almost about 70 percent of the undergraduate and university students commit cheating of different kinds in university. On the other hand, the curse of internet plagiarism is also increasing day by day and it has become the major concern at present.

The acts of internet plagiarism

are growing so much day by day that this has been increasing dramatically since the past few years. According to the research and statistics, in 1999 the ratio of students committing the internet plagiarism was only up to about 10 percent. On the other hand, this percentage grew to about 40 percent in 2005. This means that in only 6 years, the menace has spread among as much as 1.5 million more students all over the world. The mechanism and system of measurement of the extent of plagiarism have not been measured so far.

However careful research and statistics

have shown that the indication of plagiarism in the academic writings has been shown to be up to almost 10 to 15 percent. Previously there was no such system of noting down and detecting plagiarism but now the advanced technology has enabled to measure the plagiarism by means of different software and copy scape versions. Most commonly the plagiarism is found to be observed in the theses, research papers, books, and assignments. It is now the responsibility of instructors and teachers to adopt such ways that could discourage plagiarism to a maximum extent.

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The act of plagiarism is so much dangerous

For the academic and scholarly enterprise that it has been regarded as being the academic treason. This even becomes the criterion to distinguish between good and bad students. The academic position of a student can be easily evaluated by his or her writing. If this practice of evaluation is encouraged and continues to be adopted, it can considerably tone down the rate of the practice of plagiarism. It is required to discourage and eliminate plagiarism at all levels of academia.