Image Search Engine

Image Search Engine January 17, 2019

Image search engines, as the name suggests, are the search engines solely responsible for searching the relevant images for users. There are a lot of websites that are only dedicated to images or have considerable content in the form of images. It is a universal fact that traffic is the blood of websites and images can help websites to attract a handsome chunk of users. But there are certain tips and guidelines that can help the website to appear in the top of the search result of an image search engine. Here are some of the major points discussed which will add a lot to your knowledge about image search engine optimization.

It is a piece of general knowledge now

That there are certain keywords present which is used by most of the people for different kind of searches. Try to gain the relevant keywords for your site. These keywords can be obtained from different professionals who have enough information about it. Now try to use those words in your picture names and description. But keep in mind that your purpose is to use the keywords in your image name and description, not to ruin the essence of name and description. The usage of keywords will automatically make your website pop up in the top of the search results of an image search engine.

Another very useful tip

To post your image on as many places as possible. Social media has provided this great opportunity to everyone. You can post your image on facebook, twitter, flicker, tumbler and other sites of such kinds. But here make sure that the image carries the information of your site, which can be the logo or the address of your website on the image. This can help you increase the probability of your website or image appearing in the image search engine and also you can make the presence of images you’re on more than one place.

Now time for some technical stuff

The size of the image matters a lot. The heavier your image is, the lesser is the chance that the user will use it. There are certain reasons for that but let’s not indulge in the details. So the main thing to remember is to have moderate image sizes as it helps in image search engine optimization. Another very relevant thing to exercise is that put the image somewhere near the content which has the same keyword as an image. This can certainly make the image search engine result to include your web page in it.

Images can really help

The sites to gain attention but most people are not aware of this fact. So if you realize the importance of image content on your website then you are certainly the one who foresees. But make most of this realization by making the right choices. One can choose the path of doing in an improper way but professionals who understand image search engine optimization should be hired for utmost results. So the decision is yours, if you want to survive in this populated world of the internet then you need to invest in the right things.