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How to Protect Your Website from Plagiarism? December 15, 2021

The internet is the biggest platform that provides comprehensive information related to every topic. The invention of modern facilities has given us the freedom to access any data that is presented over the web without getting ourselves into any complexities.

However, this advancement in tech has made things quite strenuous and ambiguous for creative writers, bloggers, photographers, designers, and many other individuals connected with any artistic work. Anyone over the web can get their hands on the creation of others and may use them in their work.

The primary reasons behind stealing content include:

  • A desire to reap the benefits of others’ work.
  • Laziness.
  • Sometimes taking the task for granted.

 The invention of modern facilities also serves them in acquiring any data over the internet. The data stealers customize images or textual information and publish them on their sites without credit or acknowledgment. Copying the text and pictures from online platforms is one of the most common ways of stealing content over the web.

The unfamiliarity with the ethical norms and punishments against plagiarizing other works also plays an integral part in spreading this unethical and illegal act. A misconception that often leads all such copycats towards committing this crime is fearlessness. They believe that the use of premium or modern facilities keeps them protected from being caught. 

However, this myth often drives them to severe penalties, and their site gets thrown at the bottom of search engine results pages (SERP). Therefore, they must look on the other side of the coin, that the advent of modern utilities has also given immense ease to individuals in finding the plagiarists. 

If you are one of the victims of data-stealing crime, then there is no need to fret out, as we will share a few suggestions that will help you protect your website from plagiarism. But, first, we’ll discuss the ways that can assist you in protecting your textual content from theft and enable you to trace out the sources using your text without stepping into the ambiguous procedure. So, let’s begin without prolonging this discussion any further.

Ways to Prevent Content Stealing

Plagiarism is a severe concern that is destroying the efforts of millions of people on a regular basis. Many people copy the content from an online platform and insert it in their articles, blogs, or other textual data without seeking permission or crediting the author. In addition, they often have the audacity of duplicating the entire content they have seen on a website and pasting it on their essay without any fear. 

Scan Your Content Regularly

As an SEO specialist or webmaster, you need to ensure no one is using your created content without your permission. A good-quality content requires an ample amount of time and effort from a writer. Moreover, you have to invest hours for effective research to grab some unique and accurate data about the topic you want to write on. Therefore, letting others use your crafted textual content without any adequate citation is simply throwing your efforts into dust. The simplest way to counter this issue is by exploring various online platforms. This study may help you in reaching a site that has your writing. However, this method requires hard work and patience, as you need to visit hundreds of websites to get your desired results.

Alternatively, using technology will help reduce your efforts and get accurate results timely. There are tons of facilities that help you grab the duplication in content without asking for any manual assistance.

Haven’t you ever heard of plagiarism checker tools? Indeed, you would have! This utility scans your uploaded text, matches it will take millions of web pages from its database, and gives you all the similar results if found within a matter of a few instances. An advanced online plagiarism checker facility also provides you with sources that have similar text. Getting familiar with the piece of text that is published online is quite helpful for you in avoiding any penalty from Google. For example, if two sites have the same content, it could be hard for Google to figure out who is the original owner of the content. As a result, both the sites may get penalized. That’s why, once you find any similar text that is similar to yours, update your content to prevent any unpleasant situation.

Check for Plagiarism Before Publishing Text Online

Content is the most crucial aspect of a website that holds immense significance in its success or failure. People visit a website because of its content, and if a site fails in providing accurate and informative content, then it would be extremely challenging to get the attraction of the audience. 

The exclusiveness of the text is the most critical factor that plays a vital role in the quality of content. Suppose an article is duplicated or has a portion of text that is already posted on other online platforms. In that case, no one will prefer reading you again once they find out about plagiarism. Furthermore, search engines also consider plagiarism an intolerable act and set harsh penalties for sites with duplicated content. Therefore, it holds great importance for web owners to ensure the uniqueness of the content before publishing it online.

The easiest way to find the duplication in writing is the use of a plagiarism checker. It is suggested that the writers, SEO specialists, bloggers, and website owners check for plagiarism before posting it on your website. This approach will serve you in saving your site from consequences that you might have to face due to plagiarism. 

Ways to Prevent Image Stealing

No one can deny the importance of well-taken and captivating images for a website. The visual content considers a strong pillar of a website that engages the audience towards its content. It has also been observed that the sites with high-quality and inspiring images boost their traffic. 

Therefore, webmasters often strive hard to get remarkable pictures that they can include on their sites. However, many people take the liberty of reaching any content available online in the wrong way and copying the images from other sources for personal use. The stealing of images is also counted as visual content plagiarism. 

These copycats steal the work of others, who might have made an extensive effort in capturing the best shot and presenting it as their own creation. It is no less than a nightmare for artists, photographers, and designers to even think about this theft. However, there is no need to fret out at all. There are some suggestions that you can opt for protecting your visual content from data stealers.

 Take Assistance from Reverse Image Research

The modern and digital era we live in has offered numerous facilities that help us solve complex problems without following any intricate process. For example, people who are worried about protecting their images can try reverse picture search. You need to upload an image on an image search tool in this method. Then, the utility will scan the picture, compare it with its massive database of images and provide all similar pictures in a fraction of a second. 

This way, you can find out online platforms that have your pictures. Once you get to know about any such site, it is easy to take action against them. Moreover, it is suggested to make a reverse image search on a regular basis to check if any site is using your pictures without your permission.

The effectiveness of the image search tool on which you are doing searches is also crucial. We recommend you try the image search facility available on for fast and reliable results. The facility has a massive database of online images and provides you with accurate picture-finding utility.

The best part of this facility is that it gives you image search results from all major search engines. So, you don’t have to make an image search on various platforms yourself, as the tool is a single platform that checks for similar images on all search engines and offers you trustable results.

The use of a picture search facility is quite helpful to ensure that your clicked pictures are used only by you and no other site is using them illegally.

Final Words

Duplication of textual and visual content over the web has become a severe matter of concern that is spreading with every passing day. Plagiarists are always looking for unique and high-quality content that they can copy and use in their work. This serious issue makes it inevitable for webmasters, bloggers, content writers, photographers, and many others who publish exclusive work online to protect their work from these copycats.

 The suggestions we have given will be highly useful for all those who are seeking assistance in protecting their site from plagiarism. The mentioned tools like plagiarism checker and reverse image search tool can also assist you in finding the platforms having your content without giving you credit. The entire process doesn’t need any manual effort; only a few clicks are enough to find plagiarists with online plagiarism checker tools.