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<strong>5 Incredibly Useful Features of Google Bard AI Chatbot</strong> July 5, 2023

In the digital world, technology is driving most of our daily tasks. Using modern technology increases our productivity and improves work quality. The latest inventions like ChatGPT have altered the patterns of finding information and supercharge creativity and productivity, which is essential for a fast-paced environment. 

ChatGPT has certainly gained massive appreciation from all around the world. The AI chatbot can provide you with information related to almost any topic. Similarly, this AI Chatbot greatly supports managing various educational and professional tasks. 

This dramatic success of ChatGPT has led many other companies to try their luck and come up with AI-powered technology. Google, one of the most famous names, also unveiled its Chatbot called Brad in March 2023. This advanced AI chatbot comes with a series of functions for users to get maximum advantage in handling their assigned tasks.

But, the primary question that might be raised here is why we should use Google Brad instead of ChatGPT. Well, many unique features make Google Brad a better option than any other AI chatbot. 

In this article, we will shed light on the most prominent features of Google Bard and how it is better than ChatGPT.  

Useful Features of Google Bard (AI Chatbot) 

Here are some impressive features of Google’s Brad:  

1. Voice Input


This is one of the most prominent features of Bard, which is not available in ChatGPT yet. This unique feature allows users to insert any query by pressing the microphone appearing on the right side of the text input text bar instead of typing the text. This will save you from typing any lengthy query in the given field. All you require is to press the Microphone button and speak aloud. 

For example, if you want to write an email as a response to the query shared by your customer. Simply speak out the details related to the email, and that’s all. The chatbot will automatically respond within a few seconds. 

2. Multiple Drafts 

This is another unique feature of Google Brad, which provides multiple responses for your input. For instance, if you ask it to write an email for you, you can get multiple drafts besides the one shared with you. 

To view the other drafts, tap “View Other Drafts” in the top right corner of the screen. This incredible feature is immensely useful for users as it enables them to choose the one that suits their needs the most. 

3. Document Sharing


Another remarkable feature of Google Bard AI is Docs Sharing. This feature of Brad allows the users to generate an email or any other textual content and then share it directly via Gmail or Docs. This makes data sharing much easier and faster for users. 

4. Real-time Data 

Brad is developed by Google and is directly synced with its search engine. It means you get the latest information against your desired input instantly. This feature of Google Brad makes it more valuable than ChatGPT, which cannot provide you with real-time data.  

5. Coding in Multiple Languages

Coding in Multiple Languages Using Google Bard

With Google Bard, users can quickly develop games, create programming codes, solve bugs, and develop an entire website with simple prompts. The best part of this AI Chatbot is that you can effortlessly generate code in more than 20 languages. Moreover, using Google Bard, you can easily export the generated code directly to Google Collab. Once you export it, you can start working on the project straight away.  

Use Cases of Google BardAI

Google has been working with AI to improve search for billions for a long. Its AI Chatbot “Bard” is widely used in various domains and helps users simplify their assigned tasks and fill knowledge gaps. 

The primary use cases of Google Bard are:

  • Finding the relevant answers to queries with advanced AI algorithms
  • Identifying relevant information using the Google search engine
  • Advanced automation powered by Google AI
  • Virtual AI assistance to handle activities like scheduling
  • Supporting users’ conversations   

Google Bard Vs ChatGPT – Key Differences

Google Bard and ChatGPT are highly popular AI chatbots developed for interacting with people using NL (Natural Language) models and machine learning. Both chatbots use a language model called LLM, a machine-learning model for developing conversational text.

The key differences between Google Bard and ChatGPT are shared below. 

  • ChatGPT is based on GPT, while Bard is based on LaMDA. 
  • ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, uses generative AI and can generate unique content, allowing users to request articles or thesis writing.
  • Google Bard can also generate unique content but focuses on making search results look natural by synthesizing new information in its responses.
  • OpenAI signed a deal with Microsoft to license and incorporate ChatGPT into Bing’s search engine for more conversational search results, while Google Bard is developed exclusively for Google.
  • The main difference between these two chatbots is that ChatGPT’s responses are based on information available up to 2021, while Google Bard uses real-time, current data.
  • Google Bard AI only require a slight adjustment to the Google settings to provide the latest and regular search results, while ChatGPT only shares text responses.
  • ChatGPT needs to provide current information to be viable as a search engine technology, whereas Google Bard already incorporates real-time data.
  • OpenAI plans to introduce an AI detection tool called “AI Classifier” to help teachers address the content created with ChatGPT or any other AI content creation tool, ensuring students are making the most of what they are learning.
  • Google hasn’t yet introduced any plagiarism detection tool, but its Chatbot cites sources in its responses, which is helpful for students writing research papers or academic papers.
  • ChatGPT has introduced a paid plan. But Google Bard is entirely free to use for everyone.  

Final Words: 

The information shared in this blog post would have helped you learn how Google Bard is valuable for completing your given tasks. Moreover, this will also guide you about the most prominent features of Google Bard AI Chatbot that make it a much better option than ChatGPT. In the last analysis, ChatGPT and Google Bard are both helpful in getting quick information related to any information. But, if you want the latest information about any topic, then Google Bard may serve you better.