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Short Guide to Academic Writing November 4, 2020

Writing is an important factor in order to express something official or non-official. In the same way, writing has the power of expressing what you can’t say openly. Writing is a compelling skill and its importance can’t be denied. There are lots of writing styles that are widely used for official or non-official communications. As there are lots of styles of writing, you may have heard about general academic writing. It is different from that way of writing you use for routine communication. General academic writing has the quality that it stands on its own and precisely expresses the author’s ideas very clearly through the defined topics.

General Academic Writing

The best sentence here that will describe general academic writing would be that “it is very easy to read but is far more difficult to write.” Rules for this kind of writing are very tough and restrict to be followed. It will never go wrong if I say that rules for general academic writing are often unstated. Academic writing is used in writing scientific reports etc. when you are about to convey your ideas to your readers. If you are considering that academic writing is one of the toughest jobs to do or it can’t be done in the right way then you are not getting the right idea as after paying little attention to rules and by following these rules, you can get the most out of your academic writing piece.

Important things about Writing

A very important thing about writing is that it follows a particular tone and adheres to traditional conventions of punctuations, spelling, and grammar.

  1. It always deals with underlying theories and causes governing processes and practices in every life while suggesting alternative explanations for these events.
  2. Unless your piece of writing does not focus on ideas and concepts it cannot be said a piece of academic writing.
  3. The ability to write effectively is extremely important at every level in colleges as well as professional lives.
  4. Formation of academic writing is always needed to be obvious, unequivocal, well structured, and factual. While writing an academic piece of paper, you always required having sold possible backgrounds and assumptions about the topic on which you are going to express your ideas.
  5. Having all this in hand will provide your writing concreteness. When you will clear about some rules of writing a well-structured piece of the academic piece, you will elaborate your topic concisely and coherently.
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Rules for Writing Academic Paper

If you are about to write an academic piece of paper, by following these rules you will polish your drafts. Your piece of writing should have the following:

  • Your contributions must be reasonable interesting
  • Your main ideas must be clearly stated in the abstract
  • Enough evidence about your topic must be carefully explained in your draft so that it can prove your point strongly
  • You should add enough references
  • Your writing style and style of the sentence must be clear-cut
  • Grammar and punctuation errors and not present in your final document, for this you are advised to proofread your document

Hopefully, by reading this article, you will have much more useful about general academic writing and its rules to make your drafts coherent and well structured.

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