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This is the age of reason, of information and of awareness. The world is increasingly becoming a wired place where physical boundaries have been effaced by the spectacular means of communication like internet, wireless and now fiber optics. With this heightened state of global awareness the urge to be humane and to be kind to the Mother Nature has also been growing with the passage of time and the advancement of modes of communication. The rise of social networking has also contributed a lot towards this urge towards the preservation of Mother Nature; with their help likeminded people can stay connected even if they are geographically thousands of miles away from each other. People like to be reminded of their responsibilities vis-à-vis the environment and that is the reason every literate and economically liberated person on the face of the earth loves to indulge in reading environmental news articles.

Environment is naturally embedded with the human sub-conscience it is rather an ineluctable part of human evolution. Ever since man evolved from the monkeys, he has been doing certain things, for his own survival, that have a direct impact over the environment in general and over his surroundings in particular. The pre-historic Homo sapiens were a much less threat to the environment than today’s humans. Today we need tons of energy to perform certain activities like going out, heating a house or planning a housing settlement. Not only this quite a lot of energy is consumed even in performing mundane and day to day tasks such as washing clothes, watching TV, or working on a computer. All these activities have ostensible repercussions over the environment and that is why the more humane side of humans has been evoked to save our planet and the future of our children.
With the arrival of a new concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), large organizations have started to earmark huge chunks of funds and grants for the betterment of the environment. So, with environment becoming a major issue now days, more and more people are showing their interest in environmental news articles to keep themselves well informed of all the changes that have been happening to the environment. From the polar ice melt to the depleting rain forests of Amazon, from the endangered mangroves in Sind to the fast melting glaciers of Himalayas, the “Generation Next” is obsessed with the news related to the environment.
Obviously, with the sudden spurt in internet connections, no one bothers to go to a library or buy a costly environmental news journal. When it comes to reading anything about the environment, the environmental news articles found on the internet are the number one choice of the readers. Firstly, they are just a click away from you and secondly, there is no financial encumbrance involved in reading these environmental news articles. The most popular environmental news articles are the ones being written by the National Geographic. They are not only dependable but a lot more informative than the others.