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Environmental Issues Articles August 17, 2012

There was a time when the word environment meant nature and beauty but now it’s like whenever you talk about the environment, different kinds of hazards and pollutions come to mind. Some of us are still blind in realizing how fragile the mother earth is. Take pollution for instance, although it has been occurring throughout the earth’s history, the rate by which we ourselves have caused damage and contributed to its decline over the past several hundred years far exceeds the earth’s inherent ability to heal itself.

Deforestation of the world’s old growth forests has also posed a growing problem to the health of our environment. Forest is being cleared out without any reforestation which has gradually worn down the earth’s natural defense against air pollution. A world without trees ultimately means a world without people.
It takes only small steps to make a big difference. We should do whatever we can to save our environment. We can chose to use renewable energy which is abundant and clean. With renewable energy we can start to wean off of fossil fuel which has polluted our air and is also getting expensive day by day. This air pollution has contributed toward the change in climate. We should encourage our congressional representatives to support environmental issues and renewable energy. Always check your faucets and other appliances that use water straight from your source, turn of water when you are not using it , use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries, install low flow toilets in your home, use only as much toilet paper as you need, avoid salt based softeners, organize a carpool for work or school, plan your errands to avoid going around in circles(this will use more gas and waste time), invest in a good bicycle and helmet. Our world is being assaulted with environmental pollution on a daily basis and has tarnished the pristine balance of the planet. Other than that the bad news for animal lovers is that species extinction is occurring at an alarmingly fast rate. According to one study it has been estimated that in the last only hundred years 10,000 species have vanished from the face of the earth. The root cause for this is thought to be mainly human induced habitat encroachment, deforestation, pollution and hunting.
Water and climate have a direct relationship with each other because water possesses unique properties that can affect the temperature of the earth. It can also affect the way the planet absorbs the heat that comes from the sun. That is why there is a need to manage our water resources effectively because water is crucial for life.
Oil spills are causing extensive damage to marine life. The presence of too much oil in the oceans causes contamination of fish and other marine animals, killing them and disrupting their eco system. The government and oil companies must enforce safety measures and standards to avoid damaging our environment. We all have to do our bit in saving our world by collaborating to preserve our environment and create a better world for our future generation and that is the best gift we can give them.