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Designing An Effective PowerPoint Presentation August 18, 2012

Effective PowerPoint Presentation

With the advancement in technology, the PowerPoint presentations are very essential not only in the schools and colleges but also in the government and the corporate environment. In colleges and universities the instructors use to give project and assignments to the students and the students then have to present these tasks with the aid called as the PowerPoint presentation.

The PowerPoint presentation is just like the visual aid that facilitates the students to express their views in an organized way. In the corporate environment for the launching of the project, like the new products, the concerned departments used to prepare a presentation to express and their ideas and upcoming plans to the audience.

It is very difficult for the instructors and the students to learn every point of the lecture/assignment so it is better to use the PowerPoint. To grasp the audience it is essential for the presenter to develop the presentation in a very professional way and for this the presenter needs to be user friendly with the computer. To learn technical aspect is the key to make a good presentation.

Factors Of Good PowerPoint Presentation

Following are the factor which needs to be considered very carefully while making the presentation:

Animation: It makes the presentation more innovative and gives different touch to the audience.

Colors Scheme: The presenter should choose the colors which are soothing for the eyes rather than painful colors.

Images/Pictures: The presenter should use the colorful pictures related to the topic to attract the readers more because it has been proved that it is easy to grasp the attention of the audience with the help of the videos and picture clips between the slides.

Errors: Spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors should be avoided to make the text more authenticated.

Points: The presenter should give the ideas and the facts in points rather than in the paragraphs because points are easy to read than the paragraph.

Font Size: The font size of the headings should be different than the size of the sub points. Mostly 14 and 12 are common in use.

The maker should use the sophisticated background colors s that the text could easily be readable. In the first slide the presenter should always write the name of the topic and then write the road map to the presentation to make the audience get involved. The numbering on the slides is very important which mostly presenters forget to do. At the end of the presentation there should be the slide of question and answering to make it more professional. Exterior of the presenter is as important as the material of the presentation because obviously if the presenter is having good communication skills and has the competency to involve the audience then the result is success. Body language is also an essential factor, should show confidence while speaking as you know better than every one. Eye contact with the audience makes the presentation more successful and paper reading should be strictly prohibited while presenting because this extracts the attention of the presenter from the audience.

The verbal communication should be aligned with the text of the PowerPoint slides, if it contradicts than the audience could be confused about the presentation topic and the value of the presentation. The real examples are the best way of giving understanding to the audience about the topic and these examples should be written on the slides.