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Persuasive Writing August 18, 2012

Meaning Of Persuasive Writing

The persuasive writing facilitates the writer to change the view point of the readers regarding the topic/subject. Thy writing which basically influence to readers to accept the view point. The writers used to provide strong facts, figures and evidence to support the claim just to influence the reader.

There are many reasons to influence the reader like may be the writer wants reader to perform certain action, or just to inform about the real fact. Below mentioned are the examples related with the persuasive writing:

Editorials in newspaper

Letter used to convince the reader

A speech

Junk emails

College magazines etc

The writing method should remain the same for this type of writing but some changes are necessary to influence the readers like the writer needs to write the point which needs to be claimed in the beginning of the paragraph, then should state the arguments in the next paragraphs of the article and at last explain all the arguments supporting the main point. In the external environment, competition is existing every where and that is why the persuasive writing is very common.

Guidelines To Write The Persuasive document

It is very necessary for the writer to know the audience for which he/she is writing, because the lack of awareness about this aspect can lead the failure in influencing the audience regarding the acceptance of the argument. The researcher/writer should be strong enough about the information related with the claim so to defend it with the strong facts. Common grounds are necessary to establish with the audience to persuade them quickly, and the most important factor which is very essential is the credibility of the writer, so one should establish the credibility to get the audience in the shoe. There is a time to persuade the readers like when the manager recommended carrying out this task, the marketing organizations and others too required the finances to carry out this action of persuading because it involves money. While persuading the audience the level of respect in terms of language should not be avoided.

Analysis Of Audience

The persuasive writing needs the writer to analyze the audience in a very critical way like the writer should know the type of audience, their understandings, their viewpoints regarding the topic, the questions which they can make while reading. The writer should be aware that they are writing for the readers so they must know their requirements as well because if there would be no readers the there would be no writer as well. Language is the most important factor which needs to be catered by the writer; the writer should use the language which the readers can understand easily, avoid using technical and slang language.

For making the audience convinced about the topic the author needs to be well read because information about the facts and figures can make the claim true. Persuasive writing needs more time on the part of the writers than for the descriptive writing because audience s of great concern in the persuasive writing than in the descriptive writing. The graphical presentation of the facts and the evidences are easier to understand by the audience because it takes less time of the audience to read. Money and creative thoughts are the key factors for the marketing companies to persuade the target market so innovations in terms of graphics, charts while writing is more successful than the text only.