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Origin and Challenges in Persuasive Writing March 9, 2021

Origin of Word Persuasive

The word persuasive is derived from the Latin word persuadere in the late 15th century that’s why persuade, means to convince. So persuasive writing means writing through which a writer can convince the reader about his views. The writer persuades the reader about his thoughts and ideas and also if he wants them to perform some line of action, persuasive writing is used. Among the writing types, it is a highly used one.

Challenges in Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is a little bit difficult, but if a person follows these instructions and approaches, there would not be any kind of problem faced by him in writing.

Obstacles for Writers

Persuasive writing is a difficult task because a writer has to convince others, he discloses values, arguments, and opinions. Persuasive writers use different ways to get support for their points of view and he has to be ready to counter oppositions. The writer must use his own words it doesn’t match another point of view or arguments that already published because unique data and claims develop the reader’s interest. That’s why a writer has many restrictions upon the values and norms of readers because if they ignore research is totally failed. It is actually hard to influence maximum readers and make others do the work that you want from them.

Sequence of Writing

Let’s move on to the discussion of persuasive writing sequence which you can use to make your views strong. Basically, these parts help you to make a format of persuasive writing. These parts are the introduction which can also be called exordium with the problem, background statement of the whole story, Paragraph of evidence that supports your argument, negation or debate of substitutes, summarize all the arguments with a conclusion also the writer must connect the conclusion with the introduction to make his statement powerful, emblematic matters to convince the reader to think. This sequence of writing is not a negligible thing because it helps the readers to follow a path and make their opinion.

Choosing Topic

You can have a free choice to select any topic for persuasive writing but some characteristics help you to select a topic. It must be an interesting, argumentative topic, select niche of the industry, consider others study on that topic and recent issues grasp more attention. These attributes for selecting a topic for persuasive writing helps you to write effectively. One most important thing try to avoid controversial topics if you are a beginner.

Audience Expectations

There are some elements to build an outclass persuasive writing such as understanding your audience’s expectations and meeting the audience demand. If a reader comes to study your essay or research it not only persuades him but triggers that argument he already has. One important thing all writing with the facts so that you can support your claim, and your viewer’s perception. Prioritize your audience also your nutshell is purely factual or summarized and based on common values. Just be confident enough to communicate to influence readers.

Selection of Sources:

There are also some approaches that you should follow to select a topic or source for persuasive writing. When you are searching for the sources look for the facts, mark a site that helps you in knowing the trustworthiness of the argument. Also, you can write down all the information, make it in a sequence and discard the useless one. Make sure all the sources be written in an accurate citation or by trusted references that increase the reader’s reliability.