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Did You Known What Is Plagiarism? August 18, 2018

Plagiarism is one of the most widely discussed topics nowadays. In fact, it has become a root problem of all of the educational institutes and the research centers.

Even in the other fields of life, the issues of plagiarism are increasing rapidly like in the entertainment sector and in the music also. Most of the people do not know about the concept of plagiarism which states that any act of copying someone’s other work and showing that as your own.

There are many other facts which should be known to all of us and some of the main are as follows:

  1. Did you know that plagiarism is a criminal act either you do it intentionally or unintentionally? It is considered to be the disobedience of copyright laws and the sufferings are also the same.
  2. The fine associated with copyright laws disobedience is in hundred thousand, therefore, for saving your time you can get the support to know if plagiarism is there in your work but in this way, you can also save your money.
  3. The instructors who actively participate in the research work carried out by the students are most likely to discourage the plagiarism among their students because students get motivated about the considerations of their teachers towards their work and they come up with their own creative ideas.
  4. The reasons for plagiarism include the lack of interest of the students on a specific topic. It has been seen that the student does plagiarism in the subject in which he is weak or he has no interest.
  5. Impact of plagiarism is not limited to the doer but also on many other personalities. The first sufferer is the owner of the material who gets hurt about the insecurity of his intellectual property, then the teacher who can lose the confidence in the student and also the other classmates who get disappointed about their grades which are strongly impacted by the other students.
  6. At the educational level in most of the cases, the students get the punishments like the relegations, expulsion or the heavy fines.
  7. Did you know that in most of the institutions the rules related to plagiarism are handed to the students and the teachers at the time of the admission in the school?
  8. The plagiarism statistics records available on different sources show that most of the students from good schools are the doors of plagiarism. Almost half of the students in the US are confused about the difference between the research and the plagiarism; therefore, they do not consider it wrong. Most of the students never identify the problem even after the continuous plagiarism because of the various ways of plagiarism. Many of the students in the US believe that plagiarism is necessary for getting good grades.
  9. All of the material available on the Internet is not copyrighted and some of the material falls in the public domain category but still, you are not allowed to make that work as your own.

Did you know that with the increasing number of users of the Internet the rate of plagiarism is also increasing?

  1. There are different types of software available for checking the duplication of the data like the www.duplichecker.com. Such tools are also contributing to decreasing the rate of plagiarism.
  2. There are a number of cases in which although the references and the citation is present but still it is included in the unintentional plagiarism.