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Designing of Assessments that can Prevent Plagiarism September 25, 2018

Designing assessments that can prevent plagiarism has been developed within the electronic media platforms. These platforms have been designed especially to highlight the plagiarism which has been used in the text. Due to the availability of these designed assessments, the whole paragraphs and documents can be checked and analyzed easily. The assessments which prevent plagiarism have been marked as combat for the writers, authors and other sources present around the web portaging. There are many activities and assessments which have been designed and organized for the prevention of plagiarism.

How to prevent plagiarism?

Prevention of plagiarism has been handled with the available designed assessments. These designated platforms have been embedded with the following features:

• They keep on tracking the sources from where the text has originally been taken. These designed portals keep on accessing your material and your documents.
• These specially mapped textures keep up the alignment of sources from where the text has been originated.
• These assessments help in knowing the writer not to direct copy and paste from the original document, rather they rise up the factor of taking up the required information from the text and then use it in own words.

Why People Use the Strategy of Plagiarism

Plagiarism has been titled as the most used practice among students, office workers, and other professionals. The major reason behind why people cheat from someone else’s document is that people are far away from the strategy of research. They keep on running away for producing their own text and paper and as a result, they keep on copying from other author’s work as they have to meet their prescribed deadlines. When the document will be checked for plagiarism by the designed assessments of plagiarism, it will put away the significant portion of the context which has been copied from somewhere.

Assess and Describe What Plagiarism Is

Defines what plagiarism is about should be valued. This will be the most authentic technique and type of assessment which will prevent a student and a worker from copying the already embedded text of some other person. Following are the assessments which should be kept in control while checking the copied text:

• The text should be cited within the resources. This will highlight the area which has been pasted from the original source.
• A writer should use internal citation process when he will be using the text of someone else. This will credit and target the original work is written by the original author.
• Warn people regarding the crime of plagiarism. This will reduce the factor of copying and pasting the already written script.
• Credit up against the work being produced by your workers. This will rise up their urge to producing new and unique contexts. This practice will prevent them from plagiarism.

Therefore, these practices will encourage the workers to prevent themselves from the issue of plagiarism. These assessments will make the users away from the crime of copying the original text of the author. This will lead to the reduction of this violation of copyrights and other prominent factors.