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Cursive writing October 17, 2018

Cursive means joint writing. It is a style of writing in which the alphabets of a word are written in a flowing manner to make writing speed up. It is also known as running writing or linking writing. If we take a look of block letter writing we will find that each and every letter of a word is separated. On contrary, in cursive writing, each and every alphabet of a word is connected to each other in the form of a single stroke.

It can be said that it is an italic form of writing.

However, it is most commonly used in the United States of America. With the advent of the computer, the use of cursive writing is declined. It is because that the youngsters use the typewritten materials of their course and prefer instant messaging more than handwriting and due to this their literacy skills are getting turned down they also do not know how to write anything other than their names.

According to the new generation,

cursive writing is an obsolete practice and this is the era of technology. However, cursive writing is even faster than printing. It is very useful for those who lack the ability if learning so they find the cursive writing more helpful than printing. In today’s time where the students are used to of printing and typing it is harder to teach them the cursive writing and to explain its merits. It would be better than teaching for cursive writing starts from the day’s schools and there are some schools who are teaching it in Montessori classes. The materials that they use for these classes are also cursive in writing. But there are also some schools that place preference for printing over cursive writing.

The students should be taught

their advantages and teachers make them practicing cursive writing. Teachers should tell the student that cursive writing facilitates the pupil to spell the word correctly and also how to learn the spelling patterns. Cursive writing also helps the student to differentiate between words with similar books such as “b” and “d”. It also helps the student to focus on the significance of legible handwriting because its main task is to teach the students how to connect each letter in a word.

It also helps to avoid splitting of block letter writing.

It also assists to attain a rhythm in writing without wasting time. It also acts as a building obstacle against stressor and in this way it increases our learning capability. Increased learning also amplifies the cognitive ability. Besides smoothing the progress of learning, it also allows children to perk up their motor skills at a stronger pace. It also helps the student to understand the word easily as each alphabet is written separately. Another advantage of cursive writing is that a child who knows how to read it will not find any hurdle in the reading manuscript but a child knowing reading of manuscript cannot read cursive writing.