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August 18th, 2012

Cool Writing

There are a number of writing styles which are differently used. But everyone wants that his writing style must ne eye-catching and appreciable. So if you want to make yourself prominent through your writing, then you have to make it “cool” enough so that everyone who reads get attract. There is a few numbers of people who really knows how to make their wiring impressive and many others learn these skills for their daily needs. But if truth be told “writing” is a skill which can be god gifted or can be learnt. Its up to you weather you want to make it imposing or disposing.

Here the word “cool” is used with a bundle of meanings and reader can take this from his point of view. But the real significance of “cool writing” is to make it stylish, elegant or somehow modish. Cool writing style is actually made by those who write stories and dialogues so that they can attract the sense of humor of the reader. Here the word cool is use just to portray the style of writing and nothing else. The fact is that everyone wants to make his writing cool i.e. in a sense stylish or extraordinary.
You can make your writing “cool” by using different unique technique which is bit different from other writers. By adding latest synonymous words or by using frank and blunt statements, your writing can be cool. But side by side, you have to take care a lot that there will not disrespect of words because every word has its own respect which writer should do. Cool writing is the trend of youth which somehow a different way to express their dialogues. Writing should be in a mannered way but you can make it cool by adding the touch of sense of humor in it.
Your writing should have an expressive style and this act will make your writing cool and by adding most modern words, you can give expression to your writing. Many writers write but only those are appreciated or read by users who use some technique and tricks in their words. So whenever you start writing and have a plan to make it cool, you have to be bit conscious about your words. Like instead of writing “Hi, it’s me john” you can write in a cool dude way i.e. “Hey guys, john here”. You little pricks can make your writing cool but for this you have to be little funky.
Cool writing style still does not have any specific rules and regulations but it’s up to you that how you make your writing cool. Cool writing further has its own types which include unruffled writing, tranquil writing etc. But it is fact, elders never write and like cool writing pattern because they are use to with formal and reserved writing style. An official writing can never be cool and vice versa. S o it is decisive that only a cool man can compose a cool writing.