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Internet Changes the way of Checking Plagiarism September 22, 2020

Before the arrival of the Internet in our lives, every kind of information used to come really slow to us. You never knew what was happening in the country seven shores across you. You never even bothered to know either. However now the internet has made us all a part of the global system, which we also call as a global village; now the information is easily available that anyone out of us can come out and copy the other’s written work and publish it as his own, it has become as simple as A, B, C, D. Yes, it is a sad fact. But, hold on, let me tell you that it is not a sad fact any more folks because we now have online detection for plagiarism easily available.

Previous Technique

Previously, if we ever had to check plagiarism, we had to go through all the associated books one by one, then the newspapers, journals, articles. Thus, most of the plagiarism used to go on undetected. But now the internet has come to our rescue. We do not need to worry about our written work being taken away by anyone.

Existing Technique

The fear of plagiarism is easily eradicated from our lives today, thanks to these amazing plagiarism detectors accessible online. Plagiarism is sometimes intentional, but most of the time it is unintentional. Sometimes ideas just match randomly. But the plagiarism software is a very intelligent one. It is just like a human brain and is easily able to grasp that what the sentence that it is observing is actually implying. It takes up similar-looking sentences and makes them visible to you, so that you may see the similarity for yourself and quickly edit your work before you face any trouble with your teachers detecting it first. Thus, online plagiarism software like, etc can guide you and help you with this issue. Before anyone comes to you and actually tells you accurately about your copied work, whether it is your mistake or not, it is better that you remove the plagiarized lines. For all of us, the easiest way is the online checkers that have made our lives so much happier than before.

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Plagiarism Checker for Universities

Nowadays, even universities provide access to such systems for the students to check whether their assignments, research papers, or journals are free from the monster of plagiarism or not. It is a highly useful tool developed to aid us in achieving more of originality in our written works.
As a writer, it is your duty that you should check your work for plagiarism before publishing it for public access. And so it is always suggested that you should make your work pass through the online plagiarism detector first. And it is such a quick and easy step to go through. You just need to paste your written material and click on the search. And within seconds, it gives you the results. Thus, checking plagiarism could never be easier than this.