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Articles of Organizations August 18, 2012

When we talk about the organization, what comes in our mind is all about a group of people within an organized sequence, carrying out their work in order to attain their targets or goals. However, it is not as simple as it is shown by the above defined definition. People have invested a large number of their years and money as well, in order to define organization in different extends. This is not a simple word but it carries whole world in it. Here, in this reading, some of the organizational factors would be discussed with an objective of clearing the basic concept of different sorts of organizations.

First of all, there are many different cultures and behaviors that are normally practiced in different organizations. People are taken some as formal and leave the rest by calling them as informal. However, it is understood that formal behaviors are likely to be adopted, which will be cleared completely via Articles of Organizations available in different websites, and informal behaviors are the optional that is not necessary to be adopted. Basically, in most of the organization, the culture of organization varies on the basis of the structure. Organizations many have different structures then the competitors but it will only be either tall or flat structure.
By tall structure, it neither means that organizations will have a large number of employees as a whole nor by flat structure, it means to have less number of people working under the same identity. Articles of Organizations are the issues that are normally published every month or every alternate month depending on the topics of discussion as tall and flat structures are two of the small topics that come under the structure of organization. By tall structure, it means that organization will have a large number of hierarchical levels with more strict rules of reporting but in case of flat structure, an organization will have less number of hierarchical levels with more delegated working practiced inside the organization.
However, another important aspect that is normally discussed in Articles of Organizations is the span of control. It is one of the tools of evaluating the size and structure of the organizations as by Span of Control, we means the number of subordinates directly reporting to the one superior, for instance, if there are 15 people, who are reporting to a single manager, the span of control will be 15. There is strictly and properly defined criterion that when should a span of control referred as to have flat organization and when should it referred as to have tall organization but it is the figure that are normally found in Articles of Organizations that if span of control is 5 or even less than 5, it will referred as to have flat organization that would have less number of levels. However, if an organization refers to have more than 5 span of control such organization will be considered as tall organization that to have more hierarchical levels in it.