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Article checker June 7, 2018

In today’s world many of people are copying articles from different web. Students or writers usually do this for their work completed in shortest time span and make themselves rested.

Most of the students do this for their assignments and research; they think that their teacher doesn’t know about their plagiarism but the teacher is teacher, he can easily identify the copied work and students own creation.

Students usually copy their assignments

and represent them by their own names to get full marks without having hard time. People are used to for copying articles from different sites and post it on other, so that they can easily develop their web site with the same content.

And this is the reason why the people are getting the same content on different sites. However, it is an offence and most of the people do not realize its intensity.

As plagiarism tools go, article checker looks pretty generic.

The article checker is very helpful for teacher to find plagiarism in their student’s assignment, thesis or research.

There are many sites providing plagiarism tool or article checker. The article checker site read the entire article rolling on internet so it is easy to check plagiarism in new articles. Article checker is a free product and use to secure articles from copying or duplication. Online content should be different on every site.

Yahoo, Google, Bing,

which are the major search engines, used today do not tolerate plagiarism. Article checker is not a difficult software to use; it’s a simple product every one can easily handle and use it. Its procedure is very simple and not time consuming.

What you have to do is just to copy the article and paste it in to the text box and press check button, it takes few minutes to check, if plagiarism found, it will show you the site from where this article posted is copied.

As plagiarism is becoming very common now days so it is very important to have such software so that it would be easier for the checker to distinguish between the original and replicated work.

The awareness programs should

also be conducted regarding article checker so that the students and the teachers can avoid plagiary other’s work. It will create fear among them not to duplicate other’s reports and articles. It would be useful to the writer and the students even to check out if anyone is stealing their work. The awareness programs should also emphasize on the greatness of this offence so that they will not take other’s work for granted.

These awareness programs

should also highlight what kind of punishments are given to the criminals for plagiarism and also tell them how much penalty they have to pay in this regard.
In short, it is very good software as it makes the work of the teacher, writers, authors and also students easy. It also saves their time to catch the criminal committing this crime. Through this kind of software we can prevent plagiarism.