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Writing An Essay August 17, 2012

An essay is a written form of text that could have multifarious purposes. It can be written on some vague topic like” why women lie more than men” to a simpler one like “my mother”. The essay could have an argumentative tone or it can be written in a way to enforce a point of view on the reader. No matter what the subject matter of the essay is all the essays have the same basic format.

However, the experts have devised certain steps or directions which could be useful in writing an essay. First of all, before writing an essay, you should be decisive about the subject matter or the main theme. You can do this by jotting down words with similar meanings and ideas on a piece of paper and select the best one out of them. The next step in writing an essay is to prepare a diagram or a basic sketch of what you are going to write about.

This is the most critical part of writing an essay as it forms the backbone of the entire written text. Do not hurry in concluding this and take your time before completely finalizing the basic outline or diagram for your ideas. This will not only lend clarity to your thought process, but will enable you to correlate different ideas with each other.

The next step in writing an essay is thinking and then writing about a thesis statement. A thesis statement is generally meant for the reader of the document. It usually explains to the reader what the essay is all about. Broadly speaking, in writing an essay, thesis statement consists of two parts. The first part tells the reader about the topic and the second part informs the reader about the main idea of the essay. We can say that the thesis statement acts like a link between the two.

The next step in writing an essay is writing the body. Firstly, you have to write the main points and the next step will be writing the sub points. As you continue writing an essay the next task will be to explain those sub points. Once you have finished elaborating your main points and sub-points, you can finally move on towards the conclusion of the essay. This phase in writing an essay is very much important as it can make or break the entire purpose of essay writing.

Like our first step in writing an essay, this final step of conclusion is also meant for the readers of the essay as it provides your final perspective on a given topic. You can complete the conclusion by reviewing the entire essay.

The conclusion is all about finishing your entire thought process in writing an essay with a few richly resplendent lines. For writing a conclusion, there are no hard and fast rules and here an essay writer can choose whatever he fancies as his closing remarks. By following these aforementioned rules for writing an essay, you can also become a good essay writer.