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August 18th, 2012

Why Students Plagiarize?

Plagiarism Among The Students

Plagiarism is getting very common with the expansion of Internet and easy access of knowledge.

Instead of coming up with their own and innovative ideas people prefer to copy the ideas of the others, because it is the most simple and easy way to cheat and imitate the ideas. In most of the businesses, the research and development cost is saved through the plagiarism while in the educational sector the time of the students is saved in this manner. However, this is not a legal way, no doubt, you can use the arguments in material of the others by getting the ideas of others but it should be referred properly, so that the copyrights may not be disrupted. Plagiarism is the presentation of the idea and the wording of someone else with your own name, which is not legal both ethically and professionally. The issues of plagiarism have been mostly seen in the educational sector because of many reasons.

Reasons Of Plagiarism Among Students The first thing that promotes the plagiarism among the students is the teacher themselves, who do not make them aware about the issues and the types and even the results of plagiarism. Teachers are responsible for telling the students about the presentation of their own work and the work of the others. There are many teachers, which also find it very tough to go through each word of students’ research paper or assignment and then giving them the grade accordingly, rather they just check out the views of the students and that is all. On the behalf of students, the plagiarism is enhanced because of the laziness, and the carelessness of the students. Once they find the cooked food they just want to eat it up and if once they get the success in cheating the teachers, they start developing the habit of plagiarism. They start lacking interest n their genuine work and even they promote these ideas among their friends. Obviously, teacher cannot trace each word of each student from the Internet; therefore, checking the plagiarism becomes very difficult.

Controlling Plagiarism In Students

There are many educational institutions, which are promoting the concept of punishment against the students who are accused of plagiarism, but the ways of plagiarism are so diverse that to control it becomes very difficult. Obviously you cannot control anyone to copy your ideas instead of the duplication checking software because such soft-wares are only limited to the text duplication and not the concept duplication. Therefore, the threat of plagiarism is not only in the text copying but also in the idea copying as well. Most of the students just make the different wording and get far better marks than the other who even came up with their own genuine work. Consequently, such students also develop such habits and the rate of plagiarism increases. There are many students who just want to avoid the chances of failure because they can get the bad grades based on their sole ideas. Furthermore another fault is from the side of the instructor who sometimes show the inefficiency of giving the feedback to the students on his good work and jut ignores that even the students have not made the whole month contribution. After that the student gets disappointed and he starts the working with plagiarism. Therefore, you can restrict the plagiarism to student only but there are many factors that make the students to come with the plagiaristic work, as it creates such feeling in them, like they are going to get the good grades through plagiarism.