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Web Development Plagiarism March 14, 2018

It is hard to believe that plagiarism takes place in web development as well but what’s more shocking is the fact that it takes place in web development with just as much frequency as it happens in writing. The codes you write for your websites can be copied and used by incompetent developers as-is but by doing so they put you in trouble. For web developers, the task of plagiarism isn’t an easy one and in fact, they have to dive into a lot of ambiguities to know whether a code copied from their website will be considered plagiarism or not.

Most of the times you will be

facing a dilemma of whether to call a piece of work right in front of your eyes a plagiarism act or inspiration. So, you get a moral blow when dealing with plagiarism in web development since fighting against inspiration doesn’t seem very fair – especially when someone has taken inspiration from you. While you could argue that it is fairly difficult for web development plagiarism to be proved as plagiarism, in some countries the laws make it easy for you to prove that. While the design is hard to protect but you always have a set of codes to show that it’s your work.

At the same time, you can’t consider

the copying of design completely insignificant because plagiarizing a design can also be caught. Think about the recent fights between Apple and Samsung – you couldn’t fight for things smaller than those in your real life as these big ones did in court. So, as soon as you have completed code for a particular design, you are strongly advised to get its copyrights in place. When you create a design you have to use various pieces from here and there to complete it. These pieces that you pick from here and there and the coding you do is definitely copyrightable.

The laws for web development

have been put together in such a way that you will not be able to question a website for plagiarism if it has the same design, colors and looks like your website unless you look into the codes and find similarities to your code there. Many developers prefer encryption as soon as they are done with their HTML coding but there is a big number that wouldn’t support this practice because you are making the job impossible for search engine crawlers and spiders to read the code and rank you in their search results.

Embedding the images along with

all the available copyright information is also recommended for safety and another way is to provide uncommon names to all your files. Be a part of forums, blogs or websites that have been designed to catch plagiarists because this will help you a great deal in catching those who are copying you. While there are many ways to go about the ensuing circumstances when you find out that some website has stolen your stuff but you should still be more careful in your claim and look very closely and diligently into the codes of the website.