Wave of Plagiarism in German Politics

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Wave of Plagiarism in German Politics November 2, 2018

A wave of plagiarism in German politics was seen last year when the German Defense Minister had to lose his job because he was caught for the plagiarism. He is not the only German politician who had to face such kinds of disgrace and embarrassment, but there are few other politicians as well that have been caught for being the plagiarists.

Recently the education minister

of the country has been blamed for the plagiarism. It has been reported that she plagiarized while she was earning the degree of a doctorate. A German member of the aristocracy and rising politician was exposed for his degree of decorate. He had to resign from the cabinet just a few months back. There are several individuals and Internet-based organizations that are always eager to hunt for the plagiarists and cheaters.

You may come across several individuals

who would claim that they have been hunting for the cheaters for a few years? A native of the state of Pennsylvania claimed that she had been doing this job for the last whole decade. Especially she started working on it after the incident of plagiarism happened at Berlin University of Applied Sciences. Several teachers and professors are keen to catch the plagiarism done by their students. Since the plagiarism is being promoted secretly among the students. These students get addicted to plagiarism so they wouldn’t be able to produce the creative stuff when they are asked to do so.

Actually, it has been expressed

by the experts and professionals that in Germany, there was a lack of policies and procedures to stop plagiarism. Also, the government of Germany had not been taking it seriously to craft some procedures and policies to get rid of it. On the other hand, it is essential for the politicians to obtain the highest levels of degrees such as doctorate to get into the political offices of high ranks. This is the motivational factor for the individuals to go by the cheap means to obtain the degree of a doctorate. However, there are individuals in Germany who have been striving hard to discourage plagiarism and for that, they could adopt different kinds of tools and techniques.

There are several collaborative websites

which have been created for the German public interest. They keep posting the plagiarized text and passages to uncover the truth. Because of all this plagiarism, people are losing their faith in their leading politicians. People of Germany are not really happy that plagiarism is not only being promoted among the politicians, but also among their kids and upcoming generations.

Recently the daughter of a famous politician

was accused of the plagiarism. The Wiki has been investigating the matter of education minister who has been blamed to plagiarize some parts of her dissertation for the degree of a doctorate. But it has been said by the experts that it is not very clear yet that education minister really plagiarized or not. Perhaps that would be the reason for her to pursue to the court to challenge the decision of the committee. However, officials have not taken any action yet against the education minister and her degree is being reviewed by Duesseldorf University.