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Writing Process And Strategies August 11, 2018

Writing Process And Strategies

The writer needs to be very careful about the following limitations:




Above are the three limitations,

if properly considered then the writer can produce the worth article. Before starting the writing process, the writer should know the due time at which the document should be ready, afterward must know about the type of audience for whom the document is. The topic of the article/research should be of critical focus because all the text in the article supposed to be relevant with the topic, any deviation in the text can make the article of no worth for the audience.

The person having a broad vision of things can be a very good writer, so the writer must know the topic as a vague term and then start breaking up the topic in small statements so to get the more details about the topic. Brainstorming regarding the particular topic is very important for the writer because in this way the writer can get many different opinions and ideas.

Before to start writing

the researcher/writer should write whatever in the mind related with the topic because if the writer/research started focusing on the grammar mistakes, and sentence structure then not able to produce a valuable text, it is the fact that getting the idea out of the mind is difficult then deleting the ideas so it is good to write without any limitation than to see the spelling and grammatical mistakes. Once the writer jotted down all the ideas regarding the thesis topic then it is the responsibility of the writer to evaluate all the ideas and then construct the ideas into the organized sentence structure and then one must follow the appropriate thesis outline to reorganize the ideas.

Reason Of Writing

For the writers, the most essential thing about writing is that before start writing the writer needs to know the reason of writing that why the writer is writing on this topic and for whom the writer is writing because these two elements are very important for the worth of the article. Following are the reasons for writing on the part of the writer:

  • To express
  • To explore
  • To entertain
  • For informing
  • To explain
  • For arguing
  • To persuade
  • For evaluating
  • For problem-solving
  • For mediating and for negotiating

Above are the purposes

because of which the writer wants to write. It may be possible that the writer combines two reasons for writing or three, for example in some articles you can see that the writer try to inform the readers and also evaluated some facts to persuade the readers. Purpose and the readers should be of great importance because here the reader should fully express the purpose of reading and also should meet all the desired expectations of the readers.

Good Writers And The Open Mind

An open mind is of great importance for the good writers because if the writer has some constraints in the mind then will not able to produce what actually wants to produce here are some examples of good writers and these are as follows:

James Red path




The above writers used to write with an open mind that’s why produced the astonishing work in their lives, and the audience praised them in every way they can.