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Steps to rank through SEO Friendly Content July 23, 2019

Search engine optimization generally revolves around the content of a website that includes carefully adjusted keywords. It provides bots a passage to prudently rank and index the material on the page to Google’s servers.

The method to promote your webpage for starters begins with promoting its content and linking it to the posts on social websites.

It supports in spreading awareness, which is the initial phase, but it doesn’t mean you are not going to work on the on-page SEO part. Before setting up for any promotions to gain organic or paid traffic, it is essential to create quality and distinct content to add on your website.

People believe that building a website with unique content is enough, but how are you planning on spreading awareness? How do you think people will find about what you have on your site?

The first way is through social means and connections because only then your site starts to gain traffic. Google will understand the authenticity and significance of your articles and will pop your website up in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Let’s find out what else you can do to make people stay on your website.

Produce Content with Variety

Every searcher has a different way of writing keywords; if one is looking for a product like “best casual shoes,” the other might add “best official shoes.” It is the very reason to describe your services or merchandise through different perspectives. Some people are looking for textual information, whether some are looking for graphical facts and figures. Adding them to your site will allow visitors of both types to spend more time. It will also make them move to further pages of your website to learn about what new exciting details you have to provide.

Every Sentence Must Be Relevant

According to research, people approximately read only about twenty percent of the content on a page. This sentence has two meanings. First, if people, after reading those twenty percent of your page doesn’t find your content intriguing, they will abandon your website. Second, No one knows which section or part of the paragraph a user is going to read on the page.

It is the very reason why every sentence in the content needs to be relevant.

It doesn’t require you to have a particular skill; you just need to thoroughly re-read it find errors and remove duplication. It is an easy task to perform if the owner of a site is working on its content and has knowledge about what SEO friendly content is.

I’ve seen writers producing articles at a speed of 60 to 70 WPM; in the end, they always have to let the material go through plagiarism checker to fix flaws. So, if you think you are not good at writing, then there are a bunch of tools that can take care of your errors later.

Short Content – With Long Tail Headings

Slow and steady wins the race, so keep it deliberate, long-tail keywords require patience but definitely support in ranking your website. The reason is there is a great competition of short tails, and people at the top want to stay at the top. The only way to reach their level is by adding long tails because today, Google itself recommended to add them.

The reason is more than thirty percent of mobile users utilize the voice search, and queries that begin with 5 W’s and 1 H. “What, Why, When, Who, Where and HOW” these are included in various parts of the website to drive traffic to that specific page.

Also, there is a possibility that, if you wrote an article of 1000 words, the user gets satisfied after reading the first 250. This happens when you have subheadings included in different sections to allow users to learn about what is the answer to their query.

Plagiarism Affects SEO!!

The most important of all is, you are not supposed to enter content in your site that is copied from other pages that reside in similar categories. The reason is quite simple; content is already a part of some other website that is ranked by Google, which means you become a plagiarist.

This term is used when someone copies material from other sites and use it as their own. In this case, the site is eradicated from the search engine results page, and in order to rise, you will need to begin writing from scratch.

So, keep your content original and keep this in mind while building content as well. (The word count, structure, The tone, and title/Meta tags) need to contain your primary keyword, with which you want to rank the page of a website.