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Selecting a Plagiarism Checker November 29, 2018

If you are a student, a web content writer, author or publisher, what you want is an accurate and reliable plagiarism checker. Nowadays there are literally thousands of plagiarism checker websites which make it quite difficult to decide which one to use. There can be nothing more embarrassing then to discover that even though you checked your document for plagiarism before submitting it; your teacher or publisher points out that it contains plagiarism.

There are free plagiarism checkers

and others that you need to buy. Of course, everybody looks for freebies and if you find a good plagiarism checker that’s free you will go about merrily using it. But before you go about selecting the plagiarism checker that you want to use, it would be a good idea to sit back and think about it. If you write regularly you might or rather you should consider in investing in a top-notch plagiarism checker.

Now, most of the popular free plagiarism checkers

follow the algorithms that are used by search engines. But the question is; are they really doing the job they are supposed to do? Some might but most do not. Some of the limitations that a number of the free plagiarism checkers have is that they can only compare a limited number of words. Therefore, if you want to check a voluminous document like research work, dissertation or thesis, the plagiarism checker may not check the entire document. Secondly, the search may be limited to works that are in indexed online sites. Thirdly search engines do comparisons based on a fixed number of words. If the plagiarism checker is following the same algorithm, sentences exceeding the word count limit are ignored.

There are a number

of other options offered by plagiarism checker sites, like grammar checking, etc. But these are secondary requirements; useful if you are unsure about your language skills but otherwise, you don’t really need them.

But you want is accuracy and a plagiarism checker that has its own algorithm that conducts a thorough check against online as well as off-line content. Therefore, it’s advisable that you thoroughly test a plagiarism checker before you decide to use it or purchase it.