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Seasonal SEO Increase Traffic November 9, 2018

Seasonal SEO: Rocking Tips to Increase Seasonal Traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important factor for the success of each business. Your prospects and customers can easily find an optimized website with particular keywords. Regardless of your industry, each business experiences seasonality. This period is special because your sales, traffic and several other matrices can go up or down in an expectable fashion. Some industries, such as retail and hospitability experience seasonality. Each business and industry experience shift in business and sales operations. For this reason, it is essential to understand this period.

Understand Seasonal SEO

Each business has a particular peak season when its services and products become familiar. Companies can experience a spike in their sales during this season. For example, Christmas holidays can be a good season for several businesses. During this period, people need new Christmas decorations and gifts. Business can expect a significant spike in sales and traffic during this period. Moreover, carpet cleaners can experience more traffic during spring cleaning.

People look for house cleaning and carpet cleaning services. If you are providing these services or selling these products, you have to change your SEO tactic to get more traffic to your website. Peak seasons require you to change the structure and layout of your site to highlight specific elements. These changes can increase traffic to your site and enable you to improve your profit.

Season SEO: Learn about Types

Seasonal SEO methods are divided into two types, such as time-based seasonal SEO, such as winter, summer, annually or monthly. Another seasonal SEO strategy is used during holidays and events, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. If you want to beat your competitors, you have to consider both types of seasonal strategies. To get maximum benefits, upload relevant content on your website to address the needs of your customers. It will increase your conversion rate and drive traffic to your business website.

Rocking Tips to Increase Seasonal Traffic

If you want to boost seasonal traffic on your website, here are some simple steps:

Season Keywords: Drive More Traffic

If you’re going to drive maximum traffic to your website, you should get a list of seasonal keywords. Consumers will search the web for perfect holiday gifts and use specific terms for their search. You can discover key phrases used by customers for holiday season with Google Trends. For instance, customers might use different terms like “free shipping deals” or “Black Friday deals.” You can use popular search terms to drive users to your online store. You can use the current year with your keywords to attract customers looking for recent deals.

Blog Posts with Holiday Theme

Customers use Google or other search engines to search for latest holiday advice and ideas. If you want to get a position on the first page of search results, you have to create holiday-themed content. Brainstorm new ideas to write holiday posts and plant each post on your content calendar. Your selected topic should solve problems of customers and boost the sales of your business. For example, content with holiday theme may feature products of a decoration company, but it must have valuable tips. Consider personas of buyers while crafting content for holidays, such as busy moms, homemakers, or dads. You must have special keywords to spread in each blog post naturally. To attract major traffic, you have to revamp your current landing pages for current festivals.

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