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World Wide Web January 9, 2019

General Overview of the World Wide Web

There is a large amount of information present on the World Wide Web but to search the information there is very frustrating and as well as very beneficial. World Wide Web is the fastest medium to collect the data regarding the topic. The students, writers used to search the data from the internet but the fact remains that it is not necessary that the data collected from the internet is very accurate and of top quality.

No doubt that the internet is a very fine tool

to get the information but it is the responsibility of the writer not to focus on the internet only not all the information is present on the internet, the writer needs to search the libraries as well for the matter of collecting the data regarding the topic. Search engines are known as the craw sites; with the help of these engines, one can get a large amount of information.

It is for sure that from one search engine the writer will get altogether a different result than the other search engine. The fact is that the search engine will never search the page more than 500 k so sometimes the valuable information can get aside due to this fact. One can get all the information with the use of search engines so this is known as invisible web and also called as the deep web. The invisible web contains the file format, information in the database, information eliminated from the search engine. Search engines are the profitable tools to search the information but the searcher must know the strategies and techniques to search. Web directories are of two types, one is hierarchical that leads to very specific topics whereas the other directory is in alphabetical form. Yahoo and Google include the web directories. Web directories assist the writers to collect the authentic data from the well established and designed internet sites.

Different Sites To Search Information

Internet index librarians: It offers invisible web information. it offers very practical information regarding different kinds of topics and this information is written by certain professionals.

Wikipedia: It is the most authentic site of getting the knowledge/information, Wikipedia is known as the encyclopedia. Get the accurate information without a fee.

Ref desk: This site offers review and provides free material online.

Strategies For Searching Web 

If the writer needs to get the relevant information about the topic then don’t focus on the search engines but also think about different and unique internet sites too like for searching the job vacancies then look at the internet sites related with the job opportunities. For gathering information related with the newsgroup and chat rooms then go for the chat room sites etc. Some writers need to have the information about the current information then its good to visit the news sites and magazine sites like the Herald etc. There are many online resources which are offering the information about the topic which is not present now on the internet like the Alexa, complete planet, find articles, find a law, high wire, mag portal etc.

Browsing is an art which not everyone knew; the people must learn how to search the information on the internet, the use of keywords for gathering the relevant information is very important, so that is why we call internet searching an art.