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As we all know that search engine optimization is getting popular with the increase in the usage of internet. The web based companies love to indulge in search engine optimization through search engine optimizers, and that is why SEOs is a growing and a budding profession. With the growth of this profession the demands of the employers to agree to a standard search engine optimization pricing have also been growing phenomenally.

Hourly SEO Costs Vary across Countries, but $76-$200/hour is most Common. The costs are highest in Australia/New Zealand at 62%, followed by 58.1% in the US and 56% in Canada. Pricing SEO is one of the great challenges, because most prospects still have a basic understanding of search engine optimization and the time/work involved in the efforts. The best that anyone can do is get a sense for how much time may be required to spend adequate time to address specific goals. When we go through the process of determining how much a search engine optimization effort might be, it goes directly to how much time we have to spend on the initiative. We have some basic templates to follow, in terms of what is generally included in most SEO efforts, but then we need to dig deeper into the time that might be needed to address items which the prospect has mentioned are “goals” of the effort, and address any human resource allocation that we may need to provide because the prospect isn’t adequately staffed. The real value of SEO efforts are, generally, not realized in the first month(s) of the effort. Folks ask all the time, “how soon until we see results?” If a search engine optimization firm has dug into the competitive landscape and done a fair amount of research, they should be able to determine whether an opportunity to have a profitable SEO effort is possible, even if it may take some time. This is where you should be considering the lifetime value of the effort.
Just as you’d expect to scope out a website design and development project, so too must you scope out a search engine optimization effort by asking yourself simple questions such as who’s going to write the content? Who is responsible for PR efforts? Who is handling social marketing? Who is doing link building? Who’s restructuring the website, as necessary? Today’s SEO is about bringing together many facets of your marketing web design/development and PR/social efforts so that they work well together.
With search engine optimization, there will be a period of time (perhaps as small as a couple of months, and perhaps as long as many years) when money and time is going out, and there’s not an equal amount of value coming in so you might be asking yourself whether it was a good business idea or not. But, if you’ve done your homework, and know that the opportunity for great value is there, and you “plan your work and work your plan,” you can realize gains that can far exceed the value in “pay per click” models.