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Scientific articles August 17, 2012

Writing scientific articles are rarely straightforward – even for the foremost experienced. It is time-consuming and, nearly while not exception, hard work. Nevertheless, it ought to be pleasing challenge. Solely when printed will one’s thoughts and ideas, findings, conclusions and suggestions reach alternative surgeons and clinical scientists. Scientific articles – regardless of how ‘low key’ at the time of its publication – becomes a part of the ‘body of scientific knowledge’, forever on the market to others to scan, reread, refine, settle for or reject.

This year the Egyptian cluster for Science and Surgical analysis can publish four articles within the Egyptian Journal of Surgery covering the essential points on a way to write scientific articles. We have a tendency to hope these articles can facilitate and ease the task of writing your analysis results and facilitate in its acceptance for publication.
The general purpose of every of the sections of a commentary may be summarized in the scientific articles as follows:
The title page ought to state the title of the paper, authors and their numerous establishments and lastly the name and address of the corresponding author who are going to be liable for all future correspondence associated with the paper.
A title ought to convey info on the analysis question, space of analysis, and the analysis methodology. Try and be temporary, most info in fewer words, don’t exceed 12-15 words. Avoid excessive adjectives and noun strings. List all authors (Initials of initial names followed by family name). Begin with authors who had additional of a sensible role followed by authors who had an additional advisory role.
Abstracts are summaries of the chief points of a study and may state why the study was done, what was done, what was found, and what was concluded. Each effort ought to be done to supply an honest quality abstract because it is that the ‘shop window’ through that you would like to sell your analysis to your fellow scanners or as a ‘carrot’ that you hope can attract the readers to read the remainder of your paper.
The main job of the introduction is to inform the readers why you have got undertaken the study. It ought to justify briefly the unsolved side of the topic of your investigation and may clearly highlight what you plan to try to regarding it. Ideally, the gap of the introduction ought to be intelligible and fascinating even to somebody outside the sector. It’s unnecessary to gift a chronological sequence of abundant of the previous work on the topic in question. You simply have to be compelled to mention those directly associated with the matter your paper is addressing. It’s sensible policy to write down one sentence describing the study style.
Keep it short as readers will simply get bored and will never create it through to you necessary results.
The strategies (methods) section ought to describe, in logical sequence, how your study was designed and meted out and the way you analyzed your knowledge. Your description should be complete, even to the extent of being pedantic and boring. Sufficient detail should be provided so others might replicate your investigation. A diagram or flow chart explaining the steps of the study can perpetually be reader friendly.