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Reasons for Which Plagiarism Should Be Hated March 27, 2018

People are split into two groups on the matter of plagiarism and those who don’t consider plagiarism as an illegal or unethical action have some good reasoning to do as well. Of course, if somebody is supporting a particular argument he/she must have thought a lot about it. However, the support of these people for plagiarism should not stop those who dislike it from disliking it further. If we say whether plagiarism has more benefits than disadvantages, it would be wrong because that’s not true. There are many valid reasons for which plagiarism should be hated and must not be allowed. Some of the reasons are given below:

Reasons Why One Should Dislike Plagiarism

It’s true that many people might not agree to the reasons given below but it will still not make plagiarism legal – at least in the books.

• First, if you think plagiarism is okay then you should be ready to have your content plagiarized as well – that is if you write any of it by yourself.
• Writing is an art and art requires people to use their imaginations to come up with masterpieces that the world remembers forever. Plagiarism puts you in a position where you will never be able to create a masterpiece – you just missed that path outright.
• You can never be sure about your own content when giving an interview for the position of a content, professional or creative writer. You will always have the fear of getting caught by the interview or your employer for plagiarism.
• It’s hard to imagine that you will be able to pass any tests given to you by your employers when you go for an interview. Since you have never written about any subject yourself, you will have absolutely no clue what you have to write about a particular topic.
• Many students have failed in their exams due to plagiarism and their protest against this has led them to contrive ways of evading plagiarism detection through illegal and hacking means. They are now busy  hacking the plagiarism detection software more than they are in studying their course material.
• Plagiarism has resulted in low-quality content spreading over on the internet. Those who don’t write original and fresh content, and only rely on plagiarizing other works start a cycle of posting the same content repeatedly and this makes more duplicate and low-quality content get available on the internet.

There are definitely more reasons

for hating plagiarism than the ones given above but a single post might not be enough to contain them all. For those who don’t hate plagiarism or in fact support it, they should definitely meet a truly genius writer and talk about the issue. Even better would be to meet a great writer who has had his content stolen and plagiarized in the past. Try knowing what these people think about plagiarism and you can definitely expect to hear some cruel words because losing their content is the biggest loss for them as writers.