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Psychology Journal Articles November 12, 2018

Psychology which is the study of the mind is one of the most important and vital of all sciences. All other sciences render hopeless and futile if the most important all creature; the human, remain misunderstood or perhaps not understood at all.

Understanding this complicated creature is done through the study of its behavior. This behavior is used to understand the mind. If you look closely, psychology is fundamentally a study of human behavior. This study is grounded in the scientific method.

It is aimed at understanding individuals

and groups by both establishing general principles and researching specific cases, which will eventually be aimed at benefiting society.

There are different types of psychologies; social, behavioral, cognitive, etc. Psychologists attempt to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior, while also exploring certain cognitive functions and behaviors.

Psychologists study phenomena such as perception, cognition, emotion, personality, behavior and interpersonal relationships of this purpose. Some, especially depth psychologists, also study the unconscious mind.

For the people interested and participating

in this field, journals are published. These journals publish thousands of articles which help the people and community understand and learn about psychological knowledge.

All the scientific literature present in these journals is present in the form of articles. Countless journals are a study specifically aimed for psychology specialists; their data is based on facts and researches. These are publishing, based on a periodical publication intended and proposed to further the progress of this science, usually by reporting new researches. Such articles in these journals are used for research and higher education.

Besides academic journals,

there are general psychology journals publishing articles for mere awareness, containing information about human behavior for the common man and the general public to comprehend. Articles published in these journals become a permanent record and are also used for further research and writing.

They are also used as citations in academic papers.
There are several types of articles in these journals; letter, research notes, articles, supplemental articles, review articles. Letters are a short description of important current research findings. Since they are considered urgent they are usually fast-tracked for immediate publication.

Second, are the Research notes

which are short descriptions of current research findings? These are of course important but are less urgent and less important than Letters. Then, there are articles; these are usually taken up between five to twenty pages. These detailed works are complete descriptions of current new and original research findings.

Supplemental articles,

these contain a large volume of data that is the result of current research. It is a tabular data taking up maybe dozens or hundreds of pages with mostly numerical data. Last but not least is the review articles. These articles do not cover original research.

They contain gathered information and results of many different articles on a particular topic and represent them into a coherent narrative about the state of the art in that field. Reviews may be entirely narrative or may provide quantitative summary estimates.