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Plagiarism Detectors Bring End to an Era June 5, 2019

By looking at the title man people might get infuriated that they never plagiarized or copied stuff from others and when they picked content from someone they always cited it.

These people can rest assured because the title only refers to a widespread practice that had become very common in the past few years but was brought to an end, at least to some extent, with the help of plagiarism detectors. Plagiarism detector is a very general term and it could even mean people who are expert in catching plagiarism in various types of content, i.e. videos, audios, text, etc. So we can say that now commonly being used, plagiarism detectors bring an end to an era of content piracy, especially from online media.

There was a time just a few years ago

when it became quite easy for people to copy the content from actual authors and present it as their own. There wasn’t much that you could do unless you had a beautiful mind that could think of all the content it had read in the past and detect plagiarism. In reality, it is impossible for a teacher to remember every piece of content that could be copied by students in a particular project or paper. That’s when technology played its role and software was created to detect plagiarism, especially in written content.

These types of software are

widely in use by schools, colleges, and universities these days to make sure that the students are completing their assignments with their efforts and not copying stuff from others. In many cases, they might even have to submit their completed assignments through an online portal that detects any possible plagiarism in the content before the document reaches the teacher for grading. Even students can buy such applications and make sure their content is safe from being labeled as plagiarized by checking it through the software before submitting it to the final receiver – teacher in most cases.

When search engines started

to become the “real thing” on the internet, a lot of unethical and illegal activities were in practice. Plagiarism is one of them and another notorious candidate was the SEO content that was hidden on websites behind images, invisible texts, etc. However, search engines were empowered by new technology pretty soon and now there’s absolutely no escape for plagiarists when they copy content and don’t cite the actual author with it. Even the videos require a transcript on the internet now so any plagiarized words being spoken in the video can be caught by the online plagiarism detectors.

While it has become almost impossible

for students and online writers to plagiarize and not get caught, there are still some deficiencies in the system. If someone is using your material in the video and does not give a transcription of the video in written form, it is not possible for plagiarism detectors to catch this type of plagiarism. It is, however, true that all video hosting websites try their best to protect your copyrights before hosting a video. Even a song playing in the background of your video might get you in trouble if it is not cited as the property of the actual owner.