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Plagiarism Becomes a Necessity October 10, 2018

There are many wrong concepts prevailing among the public in almost all the sectors regarding plagiarism. Most of the people think that practicing plagiarism is not a crime or a moral offense and it cannot hamper the professional career of any person is carried out on a nominal basis. Especially it is thought by the students that this act is totally harmless and can also let them complete their work in time. As a result, they can get their credentials aged and their assignments can be submitted in time. When the same practice of plagiarism is advocated on professional grounds, it is known and often the argument is given that copying the content from any source is not bad especially when it is contributing to the promotion and advancements of the literary content.

Many argue that plagiarism

becomes a necessity when it comes to adding more and more healthy content to the reservoir of literature. As a result, the progress in academic and literary grounds is ensured and it can further develop by adding more and more content. Although it must be the point of major concern that plagiarism is very harmful and it should be discouraged to the maximum possible extent, but people belonging to many schools of thought do not think so.

Still, there are many people

and intellectuals who greatly discourage this act and stand against its implementation in any field and walk of life. Those who relate the act of plagiarism with progress are totally wrong. Plagiarism in any way cannot be the replica or alternative of the original creation and hence it can never play a positive role in development and progress in a society. Different schools of thought have different paradigms of perceiving this issue but most of the people greatly discourage this act and always stress on the devising of such laws and procedures that could be effective in curbing the act of plagiarism.

Other than academics,

if the plagiarism is studied in case of the article work and content writing, it clearly shows that only those freelancers and professional writers can flourish and get more work that provides the error free and original work. Any type of plagiarism is not tolerated even up to 1 percent in the field of content writing. If this occurs, the writers along with their writings are rejected altogether and in this way, they can suffer from huge economic losses.

As a result maintenance

of originality in content writing as well as in other fields is very important. Plagiarism is majorly considered to be the moral offense and it should be discouraged to the maximum possible extent on all grounds. Moreover, when the content submitted to the blogs and websites is studied, the copying and plagiarism are not tolerated at all in these cases as well. If any such cases are detected, then it can lead to the soiling of the overall rating and ranking of the website or blog. Therefore, it is considered wise to first check the document thoroughly for containing any plagiarism and then it should be posted.