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Plagiarism Across College Campuses February 1, 2019

College pupils have to produce their assignments, research work, thesis, project proposals, dissertation, etc. and for such assignments, the internet is their main source to obtain the required information. As a matter of fact, the internet has become widely available across the globe so the students find it an easy way to conduct their research.

Many of the college students

are plagiarizing intentionally or unintentionally. Several surveys and researches have been conducted to know the facts and figures of plagiarism among college students. Statistics indicate that plagiarism is rapidly rising among the students because of the internet. It becomes an alarming situation when students don’t consider it cheating. They don’t really bother to use their brains and as a result, the brains of our young generation are getting rust.

Colleges and universities

have endorsed honor codes and policies regarding plagiarism. There are strict punishments and colleges penalize the students if they commit plagiarism. Different institutes have employed different policies to stop the plagiarism among students. Types of punishments can be varying in accordance with the circumstances.

The worst part of this phenomenon

is that most of the teachers and professors are unable to find out if the student has plagiarized. The benefit goes to students that don’t feel difficult to get the approval of their assignments and research papers. But it does not mean that teachers or professors don’t have any tools to check for the plagiarism. Many applications are being utilized in the colleges and universities to catch the duplicate content picked from online sources and plagiarism across college campuses, but still, the professors are unable to stop their students to do the plagiarism.

As a result, the professors

have been facing difficulties to grade the abilities of their students only by reviewing their creative work. In this scenario, we have to consider a few important aspects. Universities have brains that can produce such kind of applications which must be able to catch all kinds of plagiarism. They must come up with solutions to the flaws found in the existing plagiarism checking applications. It should not be a problem for the developers. They already know the issues; therefore they have to sort them out to reach some possible solution. Once they could develop the most sophisticated software application then they must promote it. They should let the other institutions get the benefits of that software application as well.

On the other hand,

students have to realize that plagiarism is a severe type of crime. They need to understand that nature has blessed every human being with great abilities to think and imagine. Plagiarism is an act which spoils your brains and sucks the power of imagination. When you plagiarize for your research work, you actually put stop on your brain to imagine the creative stuff. If you will not use your brain, obviously it will stop working the way it should. This is why as being a student you are advised to be creative and avoid the plagiarism. You must hate this act as you would never like your brain to get rust.