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Paper Mills Playing a Part in Plagiarism January 12, 2013

First of all, it is important to know what is a paper mill. Paper mill is basically a word used for the many online websites offering essay and project writing services. These paper mills help students and professionals in doing their homework. Some of them offer customized services while others only rewrite stuff that they already have and hand it over to their clients, while charging them a handsome amount of money.

It is definitely illegal to get the work assigned to you done by a third party. While in the case of paper mills, the work that is gotten done is only plagiarized content. Most of the times, the work is not even up to the mark as the one working on the assignment is not even aware of the context or the whole scenario in which the assignment was required and sometimes the whole purpose is gone.

We can only put an end to this issue if paper mills playing a part in plagiarism are discouraged to be operational in the market. There are many popular websites that offer these kinds of services to students and professionals without the fear of being responsible for having done anything wrong.

Sometimes such services become necessary when teachers allow students to get their research papers or thesis edited by a friend or a third person in order to make sure it is presentable and does not have major mistakes. However, in such cases, it is mentioned that the work should entirely be done by the owner of the assignment. The problem is that the same websites that offer editing services for work also offer services for writing papers and making projects an in order to increase their profits as well as clientele, they introduce their clients to all kinds of services, including making the projects from the scratch.

Those who work and study both find it difficult to cope. If they leave work, they can’t afford their studies and if they do both, they don’t get time to make assignments and to work on projects. This is where the need to contact such companies come in to play. These website not only work for such students but provide low quality work, out of which most of it s plagiarized. Moreover, since they want to prove that they have qualified people who work on these assignments, they do not mention a lot of references, so that the work is considered as original.

There are mostly a few writers hired to work on these projects. It’s just a matter of common sense; how can the same writers be qualified in so many different fields and how can they have knowledge of all the subjects in the world. They definitely have to look for sources on the web or otherwise in order to come up with something that is presentable enough to satisfy the student. In this case, it becomes very important to mentions where the information was originally taken.

The gist of this article is that nobody but you can ensure that your work was not plagiarized. Instead of facing the consequences later, when you are either detained or punished for plagiarism, it is better to do your work yourself and mention sources. As for those who hardly get time, they can plan to earn extra in holidays to support their studies.