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Newly Developed Dimensions of Digital Marketing July 13, 2019

Digital Marketing has elevated itself to a new summit. It has changed the traditional ways of marketing and has innovated advanced and modern techniques that have increased brand outreach to a broader audience. Almost two decades ago, no when would ever imagine that the internet can become an integral part of our lives and that the whole advertising and marketing paradigm would shift from roadside ad banners to virtual advertising campaigns.

At this point,

where the approach of millennials is entirely different from Generation X. The world-outlook and perception of the former to perceive things have taken a new facet in comparison to their precedents. It has highly essential to diagnose the mass phycology in general and the phycology of targeted audience in particular, after digging up the search patterns of your targeted audience. Over here, you need to structure your advertising campaign by fetching the results out of it.

Have you ever wondered why there is an enormous rise in the e-commerce industry in the past few years? It’s because the rise of corporate companies and hectic routines has left the generation Y with no time.

The whole process needs to be observed by looking at the past generations and the constant developments that we have faced since the rise of the free market economy. From the domestic household industry back in the 1700s to the growth of industrial revolution leading to middleman/broker agents. Now with the rise of image and voice search in e-commerce industry, we can see how the industry is shaping and changing.

Let’s have a look at new dimensions that can considerably change the Digital Marketing in the coming future:

Artificial Intelligence

The advancement of programming bots with the amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence has strengthened its grip over the world’s economic market.  Amazingly, AI has made it possible to analyze consumer spending and search patterns with the help of collecting data from social media and other platforms.

The best example that can support the argument is Facebook Messenger bots, which has made it possible to optimize the customer service with generic messages according to the visitor’s queries. In 2017 only 2% of users were using Chabot technology, but it is expected that ratio by the end of 2020 will reach 25%. If you are desperate to take advantage of your competitor and cut your costs, you should use AI to burgeon your business.

Voice Search

The immense rise in voice search has now made the companies worried about shifting their digital marketing strategies to a new paradigm. Do you know by the end of 2020 more than 50% of search queries will be voice search?

And currently, 25% of searches on Google are voice search. The audio content has become the medium to provide relevant information to the users. The ratio of erroneous by voice assistants is decreasing over time. Many brands have already jumped into it by optimizing their business to voice search. In the coming future, you will also be getting advertising space for voice. For Example, Alexa will add a sponsor’s word into the answer of the voice search query. And, that will be used by the brands to increase their brand awareness. 

Programmatic Advertising

If you want to automate ad buying by the usage of AI, to target a particular set of audience, then you have to opt for programmatic advertising. You might have come across real-time auction and bidding. It is an excellent example of programmatic advertising.

This process will lower your customer acquisition cost and will lead to higher conversion and sales escalation. It is expeditiously changing the dimension of advertising. According to a recent survey by the end of 2020, more than 90% of ads are going to be programmatic.